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Sunday, September 30, 2007

eurotour summer '07 - Colonge/Koln, Germany

Gosh, this building behind me in the photo really look scary at nite. It looked like a haunted mansion in the middle of colonge city. Located just outside Colonge main train station, where i waited for my fren Jebon. ( he's my basketball mate, he came to moscow last may)
Sunday, nothing much to do today. Woke up early, managed to catch F1 live on tv. Then felt asleep again after that. Woke up again, and here I am.... in front of my laptop. I was chatting with a fren just now, who is also studying in Russia, but in Volgograd , another part in Russia, which is 100000miles away from moscow..
He : gay
xhansx: lesbo
He : puki
He : how r u..
He : puasa dont curi makan ya
xhansx: opps
xhansx: heheh
xhansx: fine
xhansx: u?
He : ok la..
He : still that cool..
xhansx: hahha.. asshole
xhansx: how's class
xhansx: lovin it?
He : death
xhansx: thought so
He : juz went for junior orientation
He : wah...they so young
xhansx: got new hot stuff?
He : DUN hav la
xhansx: hahahah
He : every year also disappoint me
xhansx: hey... what do u expect..
xhansx: the beauty and the handsome go to moscow
He : puki , i in the wrong place..?
xhansx: u figure it out la
He : ya..without a doubt
xhansx: not ur fault
This is called the penis tower, according to jebon. It doesnt look like one.. or the ppl there have penis like that? I wonder... hmmm.. or Jebon just fooled me? Whatever it is, Colonge is a nice place to visit. But, one thing that bother me a lot when i was there, there were beggers everywhere, drunken ppl roaming around the city, It was a bit scary coz those ppl will come to you and ask for money or food.

Rhine river!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Happy B'day Dear!

It's what you do

" If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again. Then quit. There's no use in being a damn fool about it."
this is the castle in Bingen Germany that we went. The mitos was, the sleeping beauty slept here for 100 years, and was awaken by the kiss of a drunken gardener. this beautiful castle, located in the middle of Bingen town. Such a wonderful place to visit! Below is the photo of Bingen town taken from the castle. Yup, Harry Potter spend 2 semester here. Well, technically 4 semester, he failed a few subject.... such as math. Poor Harrrryy....

It's 230am now. I just finish my terawikh prayer, and did my laundry. Earlier, we went to play futbal. Yup, need to exercise. Need to look good for hari raya rite? hahaha. Por was fooling around about making a new team for this year futbal league. I think he's quite serious about it. Looks like all basketball players turned to futbal players i guess. Asked me to join the team. I said I'll think about it. I would rather play for fun to be honest. Not really interested in competiton. But, we'll see. Havent decide yet.. any idea guys???

These are the grapes from the wine yard. Still not eatable yet.. i reckon. I remember there is a saying about good man. They said, all good men are either married... or gay.. well.. true enuf. Another saying is about friendship. A true friend would take a bullet for u. Then, I came out with my own saying.... "a true fren is all dead". Y? becoz they have been taking too many bullets... So, rather than be a fren who takes the bullet, be a bit smarter la... try to avoid ur fren from the bullet.. make sense rite?.. Good nite everybody!

Friday, September 28, 2007

16th Ramadhan 1428

this is the hansel and gratel house... yes.. i was joking. Hansel n Gratel are dead before the could have their own house. They have been eaten by the giant. Deep fried and dressed with 1000 island sauce. Well, this is my version of hansel n gratel story. heheheh.. kidding. this house located near hasnun house in bingen germany. what a lovely home...
i tried to plant the cherry tree at the backyard of my house in Malaysia. Mom told me it'll never work. But, org kata usaha tangga kejayaan kan? But, some ppl says, "dont be stupid rite?" yes... i dont even eat cherry, y should i bother to plant one? hehehe... this cherry tree grow in front of hasnun house.. lucky yo those who love cherry... but for me.. it's just another tree... hehehe

quiz of the day... where is this mosque located? those who came up with the answer within 10 days after i posted photo, will win a free vacation to masjid kubang kerian kelantan, plus free accomodation for a day in usm student hostel!!!.. Ok.. enuf crap for this morning. I'm off to my final day of aneathesia class today... damn this thing is really boring...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

eurotour summer '07 - Frankfurt, Germany

" the nephew gonna grow up and become as handsome as his uncle, but, the uncle will get younger and become as cute as his nephew" .... -Hannan , sept '07-
Frankfurt city, germany, what a lovely place. Hasnun told me that frankfurt is also known as city of "porshes". But, after a day of observation at the road and the parking lot, i didnt see much of them. Doesnt really matter thou, becoz Frankfurt, has a lot of beautiful places, piece of art-buildings and very2 friendly people ( unlike the other city of Germany - guess which one? not Bingen for sure!) . As we entered the shops, the salesgirl/man will greet us , politely , and when we were leaving, even not buying anything - they still say cheeeerrsss... meaning good bye in the most friendly way!

after few days staying in Germany, we get used to the term of HB - haupbanhoff - meaning main train station. But, the train in Germany is very2 expansive compared to the other european country. Nevertheless... the train system is very2 reliable and very well organize.

had a great fun here in frankfurt. Did a liltle bit of shopping. ( theraphy katanya kak red!). I was hoping to avoid shopping all the way during my eurotour, but the SALES were very2 tempting. Believe me, if u were there, u'll end up spending a bit here and there also!

Since hasnun is a profesional photographer, i didnt have much photos with him in it. Plus, comparing my slim compact camera to his DSLR, I just kept mine more as an accessories. Yup.. thinking of getting my own DSLR too... but that thing is really expansive.. isnt true Lilly?

My stitch met a german fren !

Coffee? Tea? Me?

"If you think nobody cares if you're alive, try missing a couple of car payments"
I'm sending this photo to Salam Perantauan at Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian. Well, this year gonna be our last raya here, and also.... hopefully and technically - our last chance to send salam perantauan. So, to my frens in Malaysia, should u discover this photo in the papers, pls keep it for me.. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

this is not a map to a pirate tressure. This is what happened when u ask a fren to draw a map on how to get to the hospital. Here, we have different hospital for each cylce we are having. For example, rite now, i'm having aneasthesia and intensive care theraphy cycle, at a hospital which is located about 1 hour from my house. So, i need to take a bus from my place to the metro ( M.konkova). Then, after about 40 mins travelling in the metro- we get out at Metro Paveletskaya .. and from there, I have to take a trem... about 5-6 station.. then i reach the hospital. yes.. this is my daily routine... and the map above is explaining on how to get the trem from M.Paveletskaya to the hospital... I bet Da Vinci Code is a lot easier to break than this stupid map. Anyway, thanks Mr Por for the map.. u are a great artist.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

14 ramadhan

this my handsome cute nephew, umar - hehe.. just like his uncle huh. His favourite toy? the car streering wheel!. Yes, he knows how to move the wipers and to spray the water. That's my boy. I reckon he could drive as soon as his foot can reach the accelarator! I woke up late this morning. Missed my sahur, again. Gonna be a tough day today since i have to walk quite far to the hospital today. But, it's ok... just consider it's one of my diet programme. I seriously need to lose... a lot! Last summer in malaysia wasnt helping... gained a lot!
Me and Dr Qz. He just passed his interview last week. Gonna work as a doc soon. I could still remember the first time we met 6 years ago, i was in 1st year, he was in 2nd year. As time goes by.....he's a doc now. Anyway, wishing him all the best! I'll see u soon bro! ok.. not to soon ... should be after i graduate.. Ok then!.. I'm off to class 7.50am. Gonna reach by 850am. My route? bus-metro-trem.... life goes on. ciow

Eurotour'07 - Bingen, Germany

Last summer, (july07), 1st destination - Bingen Germany. How to pronounce it ? Bin-gen. Quite a funny name actually, but it's not a clown town. It's such a wonderful place. Full of tranquility, beautiful scenery, lovely ppl , good food... and most of all - great host. Full credit to our host cik qilah and hasnun. Thanks a lot guys!
me and hasnun at Bingen town. We cycle all the way from his house to bingen town, which is not very far actually. Around 15-20 mins journey, I reckoned. I really cant remember when was the last time i cycle.... i definately never cycle here in moscow, and when i got back to malaysia for summer holidays, i never touch the bicycle...i even hardly ride the "kapcai" at home...Yes, i kinda hate "kapcai" becoz of the mat rempit.. hahahah...u cant blame me.. everyone has to agree that mat rempits are the biggest pain in the ass.. cant argue with that..

we visited a castle which is located on the hill at the Bingen town. F.I.Y, the Rhine river runs thru Bingen. So, from the castle, we could see the Rhine river. At the castle, I found this funny sign (look at the pix above!). Especially created for dogs and bitches... do not shit here.. understood? and yet, I did found dog shit here and there.. hahhaha.. well, that prove something that not all dog understand what is that sign for.
this was where we had breakfast. It's a bakery, very big bakery- which supply the bread and bread product thru out the town and nearby town. ( that was what hasnun told me!) They have variety of fresh breads and cakes there... yes.. this really contributed to my weight gain.. hahaha.. but i didnt give much thought of that when i was there coz the temptation of the foods is really irresistable!
after spending one day at the town, cycling, eating, taking photos , we stopped by at the wineyard which was on the way back home. Well, since the wineyard wasnt fenced, maybe the owner love the idea of ppl just stop by the wineyard and take a look around.... luckily the grapes are still ripe.. i would have take some if they were already eatable. But, right now, i think all of them are already safely in the bottles all over the world. - the end-

I'm back... again

hey everyone! like my new layout? well... nothing fancy, just wanna get a new look.. might change it again soon.. but.. i think it's enuf for now. Anyway, after quite a long absence.. I'm back.. blogging... it had been a while.. The truth is, i do miss blogging .. a lot.. but , in malaysia, i couldnt even be bother to blog and for the past one month i came back to moscow, life had been very2 hectic... anyway, I'm back now. thanks for those who keep asking me to update my blog.. really appreciate all my loyal reader... now.. i need some sleep... krooozzzz

p/s - kak red.. i've voted for u!!!