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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Eurotour'07 - Bingen, Germany

Last summer, (july07), 1st destination - Bingen Germany. How to pronounce it ? Bin-gen. Quite a funny name actually, but it's not a clown town. It's such a wonderful place. Full of tranquility, beautiful scenery, lovely ppl , good food... and most of all - great host. Full credit to our host cik qilah and hasnun. Thanks a lot guys!
me and hasnun at Bingen town. We cycle all the way from his house to bingen town, which is not very far actually. Around 15-20 mins journey, I reckoned. I really cant remember when was the last time i cycle.... i definately never cycle here in moscow, and when i got back to malaysia for summer holidays, i never touch the bicycle...i even hardly ride the "kapcai" at home...Yes, i kinda hate "kapcai" becoz of the mat rempit.. hahahah...u cant blame me.. everyone has to agree that mat rempits are the biggest pain in the ass.. cant argue with that..

we visited a castle which is located on the hill at the Bingen town. F.I.Y, the Rhine river runs thru Bingen. So, from the castle, we could see the Rhine river. At the castle, I found this funny sign (look at the pix above!). Especially created for dogs and bitches... do not shit here.. understood? and yet, I did found dog shit here and there.. hahhaha.. well, that prove something that not all dog understand what is that sign for.
this was where we had breakfast. It's a bakery, very big bakery- which supply the bread and bread product thru out the town and nearby town. ( that was what hasnun told me!) They have variety of fresh breads and cakes there... yes.. this really contributed to my weight gain.. hahaha.. but i didnt give much thought of that when i was there coz the temptation of the foods is really irresistable!
after spending one day at the town, cycling, eating, taking photos , we stopped by at the wineyard which was on the way back home. Well, since the wineyard wasnt fenced, maybe the owner love the idea of ppl just stop by the wineyard and take a look around.... luckily the grapes are still ripe.. i would have take some if they were already eatable. But, right now, i think all of them are already safely in the bottles all over the world. - the end-


Red Mummy said...

it s old photos right

so i guess everything back to normal for u and shieda?

take care bro, salam to shieda.

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shida nampak ada kat sebelah kan