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Sunday, September 30, 2007

eurotour summer '07 - Colonge/Koln, Germany

Gosh, this building behind me in the photo really look scary at nite. It looked like a haunted mansion in the middle of colonge city. Located just outside Colonge main train station, where i waited for my fren Jebon. ( he's my basketball mate, he came to moscow last may)
Sunday, nothing much to do today. Woke up early, managed to catch F1 live on tv. Then felt asleep again after that. Woke up again, and here I am.... in front of my laptop. I was chatting with a fren just now, who is also studying in Russia, but in Volgograd , another part in Russia, which is 100000miles away from moscow..
He : gay
xhansx: lesbo
He : puki
He : how r u..
He : puasa dont curi makan ya
xhansx: opps
xhansx: heheh
xhansx: fine
xhansx: u?
He : ok la..
He : still that cool..
xhansx: hahha.. asshole
xhansx: how's class
xhansx: lovin it?
He : death
xhansx: thought so
He : juz went for junior orientation
He : wah...they so young
xhansx: got new hot stuff?
He : DUN hav la
xhansx: hahahah
He : every year also disappoint me
xhansx: hey... what do u expect..
xhansx: the beauty and the handsome go to moscow
He : puki , i in the wrong place..?
xhansx: u figure it out la
He : ya..without a doubt
xhansx: not ur fault
This is called the penis tower, according to jebon. It doesnt look like one.. or the ppl there have penis like that? I wonder... hmmm.. or Jebon just fooled me? Whatever it is, Colonge is a nice place to visit. But, one thing that bother me a lot when i was there, there were beggers everywhere, drunken ppl roaming around the city, It was a bit scary coz those ppl will come to you and ask for money or food.

Rhine river!


Red Mummy said...

mmg x ala2 penis tower pung

ReDbLoOdSnOw said...

that building seems like a building for the vampires..hahaha.. yeah it is scary!!

kim slm at ur gf ek. so sweet la she.

pearlEJ said...

cantiknya pemandangan sungai tuuu...

mummysyafie said...

tower tu pun nak wat ke? takde benda lain nak wat