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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

another dream comes true

I remember , Dato SMS once told me
" dont just be a doctor "
u have to be more than that

He himself is a doctor ,
a businessman who own his own restaurant..
a model..
and a bloody astronaut

Me definitely not comparing myself anywhere near him..
but I'm just doing the best that I could...
trying the bring out the best of me

Well, another dream came true I guess
So happy to own my own bloody business...

Just a beginning thou
a long way to go for me...
and this is just a part of my big plan
lots of other thing coming up next..
if God permits..
God Willing

for the timebeing,
just hoping the my cafe is doing well..
praying for lots of customers ...
everyone is invited :)
thank u God

Monday, July 27, 2009

the launching party - ALAHYUMI BISTRO

Last friday was the opening ceremony for my bistro - invited some frens for the bbq party, here are the photos~!
the guys from the moccis insurance :)

the doctors! Dr Ibrahim, Dr Shakirin and Dr Su

willie and his gfthe lancer GT geng.... this cafe is the official hang out place the LANCER GT club..
other club is also invited thou

my schoolmates ardhi, poknik and pokloh
the ladies in the club... nama dirahsiakan.. u need to come to my bistro to get to know them... hehehe.. sorry la... all taken..


Thank you Almighty God... I finally did it!
I have my own cafe now, a bistro to be exact :)
It's a called Alahyumi bistro , name taken from my partner name..

it's located at Bangunan Koperasi Guru, Jalan Pengkalan Chepa, somewhere near the sekolah menengah maahad lelaki, kota bharu kelantan. On the way from kota bharu to the airport, u could see my bistro on the right side of the road.
It opens from 5 pm daily until up to 5 am.

Yesterday was the first day of business - which explained why I was so busy lately, which explained all the headache and pain in the ass.. I gave my all to open this bistro... really worked hard for this one - and yet I didnt neglect my job as a doctor.

I want this bistro to be very homely , a place where people could come and have dinner ... supper - as if they are at their own house.
U could come here and relax on the sofa, reading magazine , watching movie... meeting girls... ooppsss...
we served western , malay and thai cuisine. I have to executive chef. One of them use to work at a famous hotel , I kidnapped him away :) and he's in charge of all the western cuisine. The other chef is from thailand but currently holding malaysian nationality. She was working at a thai restaurant when I lured her out to work at my bistro..
So, I'm inviting everyone to come and have fun at my cafe....
it's definitely the place to be in Kota Bharu!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Red bumblebee

the lancer GT gang was invited to join the kelantan autoshow which was being held at the state stadium. the special appearance for the day was the red bumblebee!!
Proudly present... the red bumblebee... not more red VLV... she's getting faster and more fierce ... ala, mcm perempuan la kan... makin dewasa.. makin garang kan! hehehe...
in the photo - me n my frens and on the left side are the mechanics who fix the car... they know my car inside out.. I just drive it.. let's the expert do the rest!
urs truly and abe ja ! the owner of KB accessories.. the place to be if u want to modify ur lancer in Kelantan.
I'm soooo in love with this new look.... auuuuuuuummmmmmm
the racing stripe made red bumblebee different from other lancer...
next post - the making of red bumblebee!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

thank u God

I was reading the yahoo news just now...
one article that really attracted me was the Mercer's report.
According to the report...
5 most expensive city to live order

1. Tokyo , Japan
2. Osaka , Japan
3. Moscow, Japan
4. Geneva , Swiss
5. Hong Kong

I lived 6 years in moscow...
the 1st year was occay...
then.. another year added .. the business in moscow was booming...
a lot of foreigner coming in.. started their business there...
and until.... moscow became 3rd most expensive city to live...

I'm lucky that currently I'm living at one of the cheapest city to live.. Kota Bharu.
yes.. moscow and kota bharu... a lot of differences btwn these two places..
"macam langit dengan bumi"
after livin in moscow for quite a while...
gettin used to the lifestyle..
now back to my hometown...
where we dont even have cinema here...
it's kinda frustrating sometimes..
if it's not because of my parent..
I would have work somewhere else..
but.. my mama n papa.. I love them so much..

No worry Kota Bharu..
I'll change this town to an exiting place to be :P

Friday, July 10, 2009

owh, My God!

i have to admit that I gained a lot of weigth for the past few months
this is a prove how great my life is at the orthopedic department
this department is the less stressful department at the hospital
yes, the motto is - fracture alone wont cause death!

nevertheless, the bigger issue now is - I need to loose some weigth
this evening I went to play football for the department at the state stadium
yes , the stadium... bukan main2 wei..
needless to say, my stamina was a dissapointment.
with a lot of extra weight , lots of fat ...damn it.. i cant even run properly
as I used to do before.

Therefore - my target now is to throw away a few kilos this month..
so , the plan would be...
2. Less food after 7
3. More exercise - will go jogging every evening if I'm not busy
4. A lot of mineral water - SAY no to carbonated drink
5. Proper rest - need to restrict my midnight activity ... heheheh

and more...

So, let's just wait and see.. today is 10th july 2009,
remind me on 10 august to weight my weight ..
see how much I lose..
well, I just want my normal body weight..

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

new canon

Lately I've been really into surgery.
Being a senior houseman at the department ,
the senior doctors allowed me to be more involved during the operation
not just being there to hold the sucker and cut the suture.
hence, when I was given more responsibility,
I become more interested in surgery,
and I started reading journals about surgery ,
which is something i never did in my life.
even during my student times -
the lecturers always encourage us to read medical journal
but we never bother...
even to read the text book was a big burden to us..
let alone to read something additional...
therefore , i bought this new printer to help me printing all these journal.
i dont have much time to read a the laptop
but I could bring these paper wherever i go..
in the OT, in the ward...
yeah... now I sound like a doctor..
which is wierd for me :P

Monday, July 06, 2009

feeling better!

Feeling a lot better!

after a few day of sorrow and sadness due to my sickness... :P
I feel a lot better now...
Finally, the end of my "nightmare" on call schedule.
A lot of new doctors just registered at the HKB,
hence my workload is lessen..
NONEtheless.. Thank U GOD for giving me my health back

I was a bit scare of having fever + flu at this current condition..
u know.. that thing called H1N1..
it's disasterous..
it has the same symptoms as normal urti...
hard to differentiate in early stage..
which one is the real deal..
furthermore - with a few confirmed cases at my hospital..
it's really scary..
Praying to God to protect me from that virus..

I had fever and flu and cough for the past 5 days..
I started myself on Paracetamol, actifed and amoxycillin..
then, the condition not improving..
hence , I changed to better drug.. the list A drug,
took the clarinase and augmentin..
showed fast improvement..

back to my birthday celebration.. this was my 1st birthday gift from kak nor a.k.a mummysyafie...

my first BONIA :) no kidding.. never bought or had anything from BONIA before...
love the gift a lot... thank you akak !

Saturday, July 04, 2009

down with URTI

not down with love... my whole life is brought down to earth by URTI - upper respiratory tract infection - which include fever, flu , cough, sore throat... and the rest.
Yes, may not be the worse disease ... but it's kinda annoying illness...
Really affecting my mood...
Made me really agitated... really frustrated at times....
Yes, being ungrateful is more precise word I guess..
Being a normal human being.. I cant help but to whine a lot when I'm sick..

To make thing worse , I have to do back to back on call -regardless of my current health issue. I was on call on 1st of july, the on 3rd and next one will the tomorrow , the 5th.. and the next oncall is on 7th... yes.. 4 EOD on call... every other day.. .. delightful... indeed..

Currently , I'm just praying to God that my illness will go way quickly coz I need to be healthy again.. there's so much thing to be done..

I have a really big PROJECT this month.. wait for the announcement...

MAY God bless my life.. amennn

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Happy birthday to me! part II

Since some of my beloved frens could make it to my dinner party - we met up for lunch. Por n Rajiv - my good frens back in moscow. Me n por ( photo above ), share the same apartment in moscow for 3 years :) Pretty much know each other inside out. Currently , he's busy working at the HKL - o n g department. Couldnt make it to my bday coz he was on call...

and so did Dr Rajiv... he was on working too that very nite! Could have been more fun should these two fellow was there. Yes... they were my party/ study / sports mate. Por was my basketball team mate, and rajiv - we played futsal a lot.... and we play other stuffs too , which I cant mention here :)

Anyway, I was so happy coz two of them did turn up on my birthday regardless of their busy schedule.. being a doctor myself - I totally understood should one of them didnt turn up. Rajiv came with his working attire, Por came straight from the hospital... guys, u made my day. thank you...