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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

new canon

Lately I've been really into surgery.
Being a senior houseman at the department ,
the senior doctors allowed me to be more involved during the operation
not just being there to hold the sucker and cut the suture.
hence, when I was given more responsibility,
I become more interested in surgery,
and I started reading journals about surgery ,
which is something i never did in my life.
even during my student times -
the lecturers always encourage us to read medical journal
but we never bother...
even to read the text book was a big burden to us..
let alone to read something additional...
therefore , i bought this new printer to help me printing all these journal.
i dont have much time to read a the laptop
but I could bring these paper wherever i go..
in the OT, in the ward...
yeah... now I sound like a doctor..
which is wierd for me :P


mummysyafie said...

camne leh tahan tengok pic tu hannan oii...duii

Mummy Hanny said...

bagossss....itulah yg lecturer mauuuu!!!

fieyra said...

nan...i'll make sure mr imi gv u excellent mark for surgery.
he's kind kan?like brother like sister lahhhh....

imz said...

salam...salam kenal..hannan ni doc dalam bidang apa ek?