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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Happy birthday to me! part II

Since some of my beloved frens could make it to my dinner party - we met up for lunch. Por n Rajiv - my good frens back in moscow. Me n por ( photo above ), share the same apartment in moscow for 3 years :) Pretty much know each other inside out. Currently , he's busy working at the HKL - o n g department. Couldnt make it to my bday coz he was on call...

and so did Dr Rajiv... he was on working too that very nite! Could have been more fun should these two fellow was there. Yes... they were my party/ study / sports mate. Por was my basketball team mate, and rajiv - we played futsal a lot.... and we play other stuffs too , which I cant mention here :)

Anyway, I was so happy coz two of them did turn up on my birthday regardless of their busy schedule.. being a doctor myself - I totally understood should one of them didnt turn up. Rajiv came with his working attire, Por came straight from the hospital... guys, u made my day. thank you...

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Wahidah said...

happy belated bufday han