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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

another dream comes true

I remember , Dato SMS once told me
" dont just be a doctor "
u have to be more than that

He himself is a doctor ,
a businessman who own his own restaurant..
a model..
and a bloody astronaut

Me definitely not comparing myself anywhere near him..
but I'm just doing the best that I could...
trying the bring out the best of me

Well, another dream came true I guess
So happy to own my own bloody business...

Just a beginning thou
a long way to go for me...
and this is just a part of my big plan
lots of other thing coming up next..
if God permits..
God Willing

for the timebeing,
just hoping the my cafe is doing well..
praying for lots of customers ...
everyone is invited :)
thank u God


pwincess AJA said...

eh2.both of u cam twin!!!
ade iras la bro!^_^

Tie said...

Laa...mula2 tadi keliru laa.... hi hi... memang nampak macam kembar.

fatihah abu seman said...

hehe,btol2,mcm lbh krg je,,

KV said...

seiras la!

arep said...

u r taller than SMS? tinggi betol nih..

lily lotus said...

yerlah muka dah iras2 tu...

Anggerek said...

Doc SMS Junior = Doc Hannan

MULAN said...

way to go doc.. dato' tu mmg absolutely right.. dont just be a doctor..

all the best.. pesal tak bukak awal dulu.. went 2 times to peng chepa for bil's majlis tunang & wedding early this year..

Ad Rifza said...

"Dont just be a doctor.."..