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Monday, December 31, 2007

Dr Hannan ???

I was laughing my heart out when I read the latest entry from kak lawa :) . Hahahah.. Is there another Dr Hannan in Malaysia? I'm wondering. I thought my name is odd enuf for a male doc! Apparently, another parent had the same idea :) . I woke up at 7 am today , which is considered preety much early since today is a holiday. Well, the truth was, I woke up that early becoz I need to go to the toilet. ( and solat subuh of course!!!) . heheh. Then, I decided to stay awake since I need to settle some errand later on. So, I decided to write about my experience here , dealing with female patient :). A reminder here, I'm still a medical student, so technically - this isnt a doc experience :) . But, I bet some docs will agree with me.

Dear readers , as u all know that I've been studying medical here , in moscow , Russia since 2002. Technically, now I'm a final year student. I've been thru a lot here. ( but not as much as a real doc ). Ok, back to my experience with female patients :). As Kak Lawa said that there is a doc who tried to molest her ( is it the rite word , "molest" , kak lawa?) I cant deny that , there are such docs in the world. Bcoz it's proven by the cases brought to the courts. But, for me - everytime I put my white coat on. Everytime I put the stethoscope around my neck - my sex urges for women - basically is gone!!! I dont know why, but most probably because , being a doctor is the most nobel thing in my life :) . Plus, here ( in moscow)- we are totally used to that. U dont have to ask the patient to take their cloth off when u need to check them. There are well informed. Especially at the gynaecology department. During the vaginal inspection, the patients didnt give a damn if there are male students around. At the medical department, in the female ward, each time I want to do the heart percussion or auscultation, the female patients just simply remove their shirt off! Even thou they didnt have to do so! But, since by doing so , it would help the docs ; they have no complain and understood it very well. Furthermore, during my obstetric posting, every morning I have to watch 5-6 women giving birth - LIVE. By LIVE, i mean , standing next to the doc who's delivering the baby and lookin straight at the vagina. ( and waiting until hours!!!) Same thing during the abortion process and the C-section. So, what else left to be seen? In conclusion, u dont have to be worry about me being a "gatal" doc occay :). I've seen enuf!

Ok, but here's another story about a dentist!

Woman complaining to dentist: "It's so painful, I'll rather have a baby than have a tooth removed."

Dentist: "Make up your mind soon, I'll adjust the chair accordingly."

SMILE SMILE AND SMILE ... .. just another JOKE ! Happy new year 2008!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007 final sunday morning

Yesteday afternoon, the PPIM and Moscow UMNO club organized the post raya haji lunch, was held the Malaysian Embassy, moscow. I woke up around 10 am yesterday. The lunch started at 11am. But, according the "malay" so called tradition, if any meeting were told to start at 11, it usually will start an hour later :). Biasa la tu kan. I reached there around 11.30 am. Not to my suprised to see not so many ppl were there. Since yesterday was the 1st day of the winter holiday, some of the students went back home to Malaysia, some went to other country for holiday and some juniors are still having class. I would say less than 100 ppl turned out for the lunch yesterday. But in a way, it's a good thing coz I hate the crowd. Seriously, if everyone turned out, the embassy is way to small to accomodate all the students. Plus, less ppl means more food! Hahaa.. But, I didnt eat much yesterday. When comes to function, I tend to eat less, and more socializing :)

Today is 30 December. Meaning, for those who still didnt fulfill their 2007 resolution, they still have one more day left. Frankly speaking, there's nothing much u can do in one day rite? So, what the hell, just forget about it and start a new one tomorrow ! ahhaha.. Typical! Mine? I dont have any resolution. Same thing every year. I couldnt be bothered to have one! If i need any resolution , I need no new year to start one :). Any other day would do just fine. Nevertheless, I do have this particular resolution since I started the med school - I want to be a hot shot doc! That's my lifetime resolution! Too much? I didnt think so :).
Happy sunday everyone!

SMILE!!!! - I found this at the friendster :)

Teacher: What do you want to become?

Little Johnny: Doctor !!!! ( ooo yessss) hehehe

Teacher: Why?

LittleJohnny: Coz its the only profession where u can tell a woman to take off her clothes and ask her husband to pay for it.

SMILE ! Just a stupid JOKE. No worry, I never had such intention :)

The final day of the semester :)

These photos was taken during the final day of this semester at our teacher's office a.k.a our class too. I was back into action, just on time for the group photo. :) Yes, our teacher is a hot doc! Unlucky me , she's married , hahahah.. But , I reckon she already has grandchildren for crying out loud :P. Such a great doctor she is! She needs no slides, no computer presentation, no books when she's teaching us. Everything just came out her mouth simply just like that. She said she needs no help ( the books , the computer etc) when she's teaching. Coz, she has everything stored inside her head. Wow, I really wish I could be as good as her. Really awesome. Ask her anything (medical stuff) , and she could answer everything without hesitation.
We bought her a pearl necklace as a token of appreciation. Well, she deserved it! HAhaha. Not an easy task teaching us to be doctors! Every students at the hospital agreed that she's the nicest teacher u could as for. She always smile, hardly get angry with the students and when she's teaching, she has this kind of charm , that really made me wanted to learn more and more. I just hope that she's gonna be our teacher again for the next semester :) .

Friday, December 28, 2007

Smile :)

What makes a happy man?
Daughter on the cover of cosmo,
Son on the cover of sports illustrated,
Mistress on the cover of playboy and ..
Wife on the cover of "missing persons"
smile everyone , just joking - happy holiday !!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

coming back to class

Tomorrow, friday 28 december, gonna be my final class for the semester. Technically, I'm half way thru my final year as a med student. My health is back to normal, 90% at least, Should be able to go to class tomorrow. At least I'm not that infectious anymore. Thanks for all the "get well" wishes everyone :). Appreciate those a lot. Even a simple sentence such as " I hope u'll be ok again" , injected so much energy to my body. ( mentally la !... physically I still need all the medication). But, it's medically proven that when u are mentally strong, u'll always have a speedy recovery. Unlike me, whom I believe , dont have that strong mentality. Ahahhaha... nuhhh... I'm just wanna be pampered. Hahahah... Kidding la, I was very ill... ( not purposedly ill... ). I want to be healthy. I think I am now. So, let's hope a better day tomorrow :)

bye bye 2007?

I woke up early this morning, feeling a lot better, I could feel the energy running thru my body, my blood is finally, warm and red again. My brain , eventually could function normally. I looked into the mirror, and I could smile back to myself. I'm healthy again! Thank God. The man is back! The "Hannan" is back on the street babeh!!!. Haha.. So, I decided to "test drive" my body. I walked to the library today coz I need the books for the surgery exam next month. I might be the last person at the university who went looking for the books and as I expected, the library is technically empty!!! Hahhaha... lovely. I hate the crowd. Anyway, back to my real life story ( yup , going to library in consider a fairy tales!). The weather today wasnt that cold. About 1-2 degrees only. However, I put on my warm winter jacket as prophylaxis measure. After I finished all my errand at the library, I went back straight home. As I reached my room, I started sneezing again... hell yaaa... my flu came back! Hahaah... "Test drive" failed!

Just now, I was chatting with my classmate, who also became the victim of the virus flu. He also got 1 week mc as I did. I believed he got the flu from me. Sorry dude, I didnt mean it. It's just the rule of the nature. One sneeze, one breath, one cough, is more than enuf to infect other ppl when u have the flu. So, tomorrow, should I go back to class or not? Well, the sake of the humankind, it's for the best that I just keep the flu to myself rite? There is a good reason why my doc gave me a week off rite? So, I'm not going to class again tomorrow. Even if I do go to class tomorrow, I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna start sneezing as soon as the lesson start , and again, the doc will kick me out from the hospital again. What a waste of time and energy travelling so far to the hospital that located far-far away from my house. Conclusion - I'll be resting again tomorrow :) .

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I'm still sick. Yes, nothing new about me. I was planning to go back to class tomorrow since I felt a bit better in the morning, but, now I start to feel sick again. My throat is very dry and I feel something is stucked inside my trachea. Since I have my 1 week mc, I'm gonna have to postpone my comeback till thursday I reckon. No point going back to class if I'm not fully cured- will only end up getting sicker. Gonna rest well until I'm fully cured and not infectious to other ppl :)
I'm pretty sure that everyone here (except for kak red) had watched this beautiful fairy tales movie - enchanted. Yup, how could anyone missed it rite? McDreamy plays a divorced lawyer named Robert and the fairy tales Princess Giselle played by Amy Adams. What a lovely movie rite. Well, the truth is, it's a common sense that the sentence " live happily ever and after" is a bloody fairy tales. No doubt about that. There will be a part in ur life that's not the happy part, the sad part, the crying part, the jealous part, the "If I knew about it ealier" part" , the "I told u so "part, the "he hates my g-string" part, the bla bla bla whatver part. But , in this movie, they try to prove that happily ever and after does exist. Well, that's what movie for rite? telling stories and dreams that will happen to a real human being.

Nevertheless, I found this movie is very much interesting and amusing. The script is wonderful. The dresses are beautiful and the location of the production is New York. They should shoot the film here, in moscow. Here, forget about "to live happily ever and after" , the russian dont even give a shit about living happily. If u walk anywhere in moscow, and ppl around smile and greet u... check again. It'll never happen in moscow! Yup, I believe this is the side effect from the communism. Now, back to the movie. I really recommend this movie for everyone- all ages, men and women. It's a great movie , fun to watch -well at least, if it'll never happen in real life, let's it happen in ur dream aite? But then... who knows? Maybe we are living in our own fairy tales, maybe we are the prince and the princess in our enchanted fairy tales and the miracles would about to happen in our life :) .. life is full of suprises.... live life to the fullest

Monday, December 24, 2007


Doctor : do u have fever?
Sickboy : think so....
Doctor : then, what r u doing here? go back home and rest...
Sickboy : a bit later, maybe after I finish with the ECG.
Doctor : High temperature?
Sickboy : 37.5 degree.
Doctor : Cough? The phlegm - what colour? Flu?
Sickboy: Pretty bad.. cough, a bit yellowish... too much mucous production rite now.
Doctor : How do u treat urselves?
Sickboy : bla bla bla bla bla ( the list goes on)
Doctor : Go back home and rest. Dont come back until u r cured. Dont worry about the class, I'll give the zacut ( credit hours) to you unconditionally. No worry. Go back home and rest. Treat urselves before u get pneumonia.
Sickboy: Thank you!

This is what a med student has to do if we are sick. A simple mc paper from the doctor doesnt work. The doctors that teach u, are the only ppl who can give u permission to skip class. But, it wasnt my intention to skip class. I want to go to class. I love the doctors. But, I can stay in the class - I'll only infect other students. Must think about others too. Flu and fever , very easy to pass to others. One cough, one sneeze is more than enuf.

On the way back home, I stopped at the pharmacy and bought some new medicine. Amoxycillin and mucolytic for the cought, panadol for the fever, coldact for the flu and antivirus - citovir-. I took all the medicine the world has to offer. Really hope to get well soon. I wanna be jumping around, kicking ass again. I miss be a happy person!. Now that I'm sick, I've become a bit cranky most of the time. I cant talk much coz there are phlegm in my airways. Really annoying. Owh, in case u realize, I've bought the bloody inhaler. Yup, whenever i have bad flu, my asthma will drop by. FYI, I've stop using the inhaler for years!!! But last nite, I had an attack, that leave me no choice.... say Hi to Mr Inhaler - welcome back to my life... u suck dude.. big time.

My best companion rite now.. miss tissues. They are all over the place. The Flu is killing me. I think I could produce more than 1 liter of mucous rite now. Huh... At the pharmacy last nite... when I wanted to buy the inhaler
sickboy : Hi, I need the inhaler for asthma
pharmasist : which one?
sickboy : give me the salbutamol , ventolin.
pharmasist : occay... do u have the doc prescription?
sickboy : no need, I'm a doc myself! ( pls dont ask for my ID!)
pharmasist : owh... there u go. 150 rubbles. Pay at the counter.
sickboy : thank you
In moscow, some pharmacy has a very strict policy , and some dont. So, it depend on ur lucky day. Technically, u need doc presciption to buy the inhaler. But last nite, it was an emergency case, so I had to do what I needed to do. Tomorrow gonna be a day off for me. I really need to rest, a lot. In the end of the day, I believe , that the illness I have now is a test from God. Maybe to redeem a bit of my sins. Nevertheless.. God, pls make me healthy again!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tahniah Big Bro!

Selamat Pengantin Baru to my newly wed Big Bro - Hafez and my new sister in law , kak liza ( welcome to the family!). Semoga berbahagia dan berkekalan hingga ke akhir waktu. :). The wedding ceremony was held at the bride's house in Kuching , last week. My bro and his wife work at the same company - Inai Kiara. My bro is the Deputy Project manager there, but I'm sure about my sist-in-law position there as we never really chat that much yet. Nevertheless, I wish them all the happiness in the world!
When we were younger, our parent always keep reminding us to find a wife from the same state. Why? Becoz senang nak balik kampung katanya. But then, my eldest brother prove the theory is pretty much - wrong! My 1st sister in law , also from Kelantan, but after they got married , they stayed in KL, Klang and now PD. Pretty far away from Kelantan. So, they hardly went back to Kelantan unless during the holiday. After that, my parent came in the conclusion that, doesnt matter where ur wife came from, it's just the same thing. So does my 2nd bro married a sarawakian. Ironically, they both work in Terengganu! So, they are technically stay nearer to Kelantan!

Furthermore , my father really enjoy travelling , and so does my uncles. So, during my bro's wedding in Kuching earlier this month, was a chance for them to visit Sarawak! They really enjoyed staying there for a few days. It's more like a big family holiday. They stayed at the luxury service apartment ( near the Waterfront), great facilities, plus- just walking distance to the city center . Yup, as the time goes by, so does our nature. "Dulu, orang tua x kasi kawin jauh... susah nak pergi ramai...nak tinggal mane... nak cuti lama2 , itu la.. ini la.. " , but nowdays, thanks to AirAsia, the highways, good hotels, and malaysian are getting richer everday - distance isnt an excuse anymore rite.

Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha 2007!

Selamat Hari Raya aidiladha to all my muslim frens!!! Yup, I know, by the time u read this, all the sheeps, goats, cows and camels are already turned into yummmmy meals for ur dinner. But, as the saying goes " better late than never", here is my Raya Haji entry ! In the photo above , is our pix with Lt Kol DR Yunus and wife which also shida's blood relative. Not many ppl turned out for the Solat Sunat Aidil Adha at the embassy because there was no public holiday here for Raya Haji. I reckon , less than 100 ppl were there. Nevertheless, less ppl means more foods! hahahaha...
Technically, this was supposed to be my final Raya Haji in moscow. Insya Allah. The next one should be in Malaysia.. Aminnnn.. I wasnt wearing full set baju melayu because I dont have a new baju raya. This baju melayu, I wore it for 2005 aidilfitri if i'm not mistaken. This is Lutfi, eldest son of Dr Yunus. He'll be leaving moscow soon. Going to continue his study in Malaysia. All the best dude!

I'm not physically healthy for the past few days. Even thou there were plenty of foods during the Hari Raya, I wasnt really enjoying myself. My flu really killing me. Flu, isnt just a flu for me. As most of u all know , I have asthma, so whenever I had flu, my asthma will pay his visit , along with Mr Cough and Miss Fever. In short, I hate flu because it'll never be just a flu. So now, I have fever, flu, cough and worst - asthma. I took all the meds available to human kind. Owh God, pls remove all these illness from me. I need to be healthy... winter exam is coming... Maybe, this is my sacrifice for this year Raya Haji,since I dont have enuf money to sacrifice a goat or sheep or camel... i sacrife my health instead... heheheeh.... But, I'm praying to Allah for my good health and prosperity :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

i miss u mom.

When I reached moscow 6 years ago, I said to myself, I'm a grown up now. I'm matured enuf. In fact, I kept saying it to myself everytime I came back to moscow after summer break in Malaysia. Every year, in the plane, on the way back to moscow from Malaysia, I'll do my yearly summary , my yearly monolog , of how far have I gone , how much knowledge did I gained, my wisdom... bla bla bla.. and every year, I came out with the same conclusion - I'm proud of myself and I have done enuf. I believe that , I'm very much grown up, that I've become very independent man. Just throw me anywhere and I'll be still dancing around and will make my way thru it.

I kept holding to that conclusion, until I hit the "wall" last weekend. Yup, it's totally a wake up call for me. After all these years... I'm still a kid. I still need guidance. I always need help. I'm clingy. I still shed some tears when I feel really sad or when I'm really sick. I'm just not ready yet for world after all. I used to have all the confidence in the world, but it all had shattered. One small mistake made me realize, I still have a long way to go. That very stupid action of mine, made me realize that life isnt that easy after all.

I called my mom earlier this morning, before I left for hospital. I purposedly called her at that very hour coz I dont want to have a long chat with her. Why? Coz I'm still a kid. Whenever I have problem, my mom would know from my voice. It's just mother instict. No doubt about that. But, that 4 mins chat with her was more than enuf for her to realize that her son here isnt in a good state of mind. I know my mom not gonna read this blog, but mommy... I miss u a lot... I'm a still a kid, who need his mom... always. Love u mom.

Monday, December 17, 2007

the silverlining

I used to think that the phrase " everything happened for a reason" is bullshit. But, after being alive again after so many shit happened in my life - I do believe in that :) . I couldnt sleep well last nite. Lying on the bed, but my mind kept my body awake - thinking of how much damaged I had caused in such a short time. It's true that Rome wasnt build in a day, but it gonna take a lot less than a day to destroy it. So does our life. One stupid mistake, everything that we worked for - turned into dust! God can give us whatever He wants at anytime, and he could take it back whenever He wishs - no condition.

If u noticed, I had put a song here. I didnt put any song before becoz I thought that it will only slow down the page downloading process if any of my readers is using modem. But, This song means so much to me. ( even thou I didnt understand half of it!). Why? I woke up today, and my mind is a total mess! On the way to hospital today, still the same... keep thinking about the Shit that happened in my life, during the class... my body and my mind were not at the same place. I kept giving the wrong answers during lesson today. Which made me looked like a clown. Systolic murmur for mitral stenosis? I must be joking.... huh...

But , on the way back home, as I was listening to this song.... i figured the way out of the shit. Well, not the total clean break, but at least I managed to get my head together again. After a long thought, eventually, i found the silverlining.. ( i hope it is!!!).Will try to fix the damage as much as I could. If it's unfixable, just gonna put it aside. If it's replacable, will get a new one. Thing that I lost , it's not meant to be mine... considered it's gone. I believe, this is the only way out. Thanks a lot everyone for ur support. Appreciate it! I really need it, I really need all the encouraging words.. i need all ur prayers.. thank you... I love all of u ....

I'm Sorry

to : Hannan
from : ur concious
msg : Dear Hannan, PLS learn from other ppl mistake - u wont live long enuf to do it all by urselves.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

pushing the limit!

Question of the day, which one is harder? Medicine or dentistry?
answer : Marriage!

heheheh.... this one dedicated to Miss Amy! Yup, marriage is a lot harder dear! Plus nowdays, the wedding ceremony would cost more than 6 years of my studies expense!!! So, Miss Amy, no worry. Choosing between medicine or dentistry is a lot easier than deciding what colour to wear during ur wedding! heheheh...

Friday, December 14, 2007

Not feeling well :)

I've not been updating my blog for the past few days, not becoz I'm sick, but becoz was a bit disorientated. Why? Me myself dont know y. :) But most probably due to the ever changing weather here. The snow keeps falling on a good day, and the very next day, the temperature went up - so does the snow melt. Nevertheless, the highlight of this week is, I had food poisoning. Yup, that was suck! I learned my lesson. Never ate a salmon that costed u 30 rubles!!! ( around rm5). What happened was, there is a canteen located near the hospital. So, we went there for lunch and had the salmon. The first day was fine. But, on the second day, 4 of us had diarhea. Ouuucch... I'll never ever go back to that stupid canteen again!!! Everyone , take a note here - a piece salmon should cost more that 30rubles!!! Now, I'm going to sleep... uhhuh.. nite2

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

where to go???

Ealier this evening, we went out for dinner at Sinbad. Our second time visit to sinbad this semester. FIY, sinbad is the only halal restaurant near our home, but due to its limited variety of menu, I seldom go there. Prefer to cook at home :). As the winter break is coming real soon, the most famous topic right now among the students here is - where to go during the holiday??? Me? no money, just stay rotten in moscow!!! hahahaha...

Yes, probably, this winter holiday, no travelling for me. My previous eurotour really did a lot of damage to my pocket!!! Now is the recovery period. Since I had been to a lot of places in europe, some of the junior came to me to ask for my opinion - where to go during the break? Well, since it's winter in europe now, I would say the best place to be is - ESPANA! Yup, spain. Y? even thou it's winter now in spain, there is no snow there, and it's actually quite warm. Plus, if u plan to visit spain during summer, it'll be extremely hot there! Furthermore, in spain, u can do ur tax free shopping!!! U can collect back the tax u pay for everything u bought in spain at the airport on ur way back home!
However, Paris is still my favourite. It is a must visit city in europe! If u ever plan to visit europe, make sure that Paris is in ur list!!! Frankly speaking, after visiting quite a number of cities in europe, I've come to a conclusion that, basically , everything is just the same in europe. Belgium, germany, portugal, spain, italy, most part of france... the building is just the same and so does the people and the food. But, there are a few exceptional cities such as Paris, venice , barcelona and amsterdam - which really have their own attraction. Eiffel tower in paris, the canal in venice, red light district in amsterdam and La Ramblas in Barcelona , these places give a special star to the cities :)
therefore, my advice to everyone who want to visit europe, make sure that u really do ur research before choosing ur destination. ( unless u are freaking rich and have unlimited budget ). Some places such as venice and paris are really expensive. But they have a lot to offer. Some places, such as brussels and madrid, I didnt see anything that really catch my eyes there. But, eventually, it's up to ur personal interest :). Have a great holiday everyone!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

one quick round

On the way back home last nite, in the car - I was chatting with my fren about how forgetful a man could be. Nevertheless, I figured it out - that being forgetful isnt a bad thing after all. Why? Well, it's a damn good excuse for everything!!!! Hahaha... u cant blame the God for making a man so forgetful aite? I bet all mentally healthy men totally agree with this one! God give the mankind an immunity here and girls/ladies - pls , treat man with gentle and care, coz being forgetful isnt our's just a beauty of nature.. do appreciate it , and the world would be a lot better place for everyone....hehehe... !!

Sunday, 9th December , still here in moscow!

A fren asked me where am I going this winter break. I told them I'll be going far, far away from malaysia - yes, to moscow! Lame joke rite. I have no idea what I'll doing this winter break. Gonna have about 10-15 days break, but I dont think I'm "financially fit" to travel! Therefore, the next best thing to do here is , enjoy the winter sport. Wanna go sking, snowboarding, ice-skating!! eheheheh.... ( cakap senang!). Since this gonna be my final winter here, might as well enjoy it to the fullest!!! No new pic from me, but here is a pic of my big family, during my cousin wedding day last weekend! Happy Sunday everyone!

Friday, December 07, 2007

better late than never!!!

Better late than never! yes, in some cases , I do believe so. But, sometimes, it's better not to come after all if u are late! Nevertheless, yesterday, My beloved lil sist, gave me- my very much belated birthday present!!! Wowieeee... hahah... I dont mind late bday present! seriously, it's ok lil sist! However, I really appreciate the gift! It was a box of custom made chocolate from frenchkiss!!! I'm lovin it! Thanks again!

For those who doesnt even know when was/is my birtday - it's on 28 June! hahaha... cheap publicity!!! ( ala2 kak red sket skali skala!) ahahaha... In case , any of u out there still wanna give me , my 2007 birthday gift, technically u still have time! It's only 7 of dec today, meaning , there are more then 3 weeks for u to comply! Dont worry, I'm not choosy! hahaha... " biarlah mahal pon.. asalkan cantik dan berguna.... tak gitu?" ... just joking!!! Happy friday everyone... weekend is coming! ENJOY

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Day In, Day out

Happy Thursday everyone!!!.... just another day, just another long journey to the hospital for me... just another metro station, just another patient.... but the same old me :). cheer up guys!!! there is enuf sunshine out there for every single person in this world!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Selamat pengantin baru kak Aina!

Ucapan SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU, buat cousinku tersayang, kak aina, yang telah selamat bergelar seorang isteri pada hari sabtu yang lepas! SEMOGA BERKEKALAN HINGGA KE AKHIR HAYAT hendaknya. Even thou I wasnt there for that wonderful ceremony ( which I believe would be marrier if i was there :P ) - the wedding ceremony went well... congratulation again my dear Kak Aina. Sorry, no wedding present yet! ahhahaha.... Will post more of her wedding photos soon! Credit to the photographer of this photo!this is my hand made cake. Well, actually, my fren made the cake, I just did the decoration. Hahahah.. It was intended to be just a plain - no deco- icing cake. But, when I saw it , looking so empty, I felt like doing something on it. So, walla!! here's the result my undoubtly superbly creative hand! ( pls keep the critism to urselves!!!). yes, our group is called 61st group. It kept changing for the past 6 years, from 11 to 21 to 31 to 41 to 51 and now , 61.
here's the the photo of my groupmate. Studying together for the past 6 years. We had our ups and downs. Helping each others here and then. Gonna miss all of u - a lot! thanks for everything - to everyone of u! I'm glad to share this battlefield with u all! hahaha....
presenting, my virtual roomate - a.k.a yon/nwar. he's my so called "room mate", technically. We "actually" stayed together for 2 years, and since the previous 2 years, we "technically" stayed together. Figure it out urselves! I had a really exhausting day today, I'm totally wasted. Felt asleep after dinner at 6pm, woke up at 10pm. Did the patient history for 2 hours non stop and here am I... half dead... hehehe...

Monday, December 03, 2007

MMA Gala Night!

Last night, 1st of december 2007 - I attended a dinner organized by moscow medical academy students ( MMA/M1) so called the "Gala Night Dinner" or the "Magical Winter Dinner" ( well, something like that I reckon!) The dinner was held at the Renaissance Hotel, Moscow. Well done to the organizer, because to organize such a dinner here in moscow, it really costed a lot of money - I would say twice the amount that we usually have to pay in Malaysia, if the dinner should have taken place in Renaissance KL.
We reached the ballroom around 730pm, with the other VIPs, I was informed that MMA students were already there about an hour ago. ( I could see that when they were lining up for the food!) As usual, there is no great party without beautiful ladies! To start with, My beloved ex-wife - Chin Joo showed up in this sexy-I'm-so-damn-hot white dress! Chin Joo.. always live up to the expectation... U really spiced up the dinner! plus.... u are so INVITED for my bachelor party!!! hahhaha.... ( no exact date yet, but will be around 2008-2020!)
This is my dear fren Pricilla! She performed that nite - the booty shakers aite dear? hahahah... u rocked the dinner Prissy!!!! hahahaha.. I know u can dance, but last nite u really opened my eyes!!! Thumbs up Priss!!! Anyone need a dancing lesson??? Gonna cost u a bomb thou!
me and ajed - old timers! Old school, old fren... but still young and energetic! Ajed's band last nite perfomed 2 songs ( or more!) What really suprised me was- seeing apis singing the song "sejati" Never expect that coming from a bookworm!!! hahahah... Apis... u r the man!!! keep it up!Technically, the dinner ended around 10.30pm. Overall, it was a great dinner. Simple and well organized. Given the time and financial constraint, I really believed that the organizer really did a great Job. Lovely dinner guys! Thanks for the invitation! Even thou it wasnt my "university" dinner, but u all made me feel at home! hahaha. I really enjoyed myself. But , i missed the dance floor !!! hahahaa... some other time I guess :P

I won this ipod shuffle last nite during the lucky draw. Thanks again!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

early in the morning ..

I found this website where u can check you internet speed and compare it with the rest of the world. Up here is my internet speed connection. Not the the fastest speed in Moscow, and not even in the top 10 fastest internet speed I could have get , but since mine is quite cheap, and considerlable pretty much fast - I am very content with it.

So, let's see - there are hundreds of internet connection supplier in Moscow, which makes the business is very competative. Resulting, a very good deal for the users! The speed is ultra -"FQ"- F***ing Quick! . May not be the fastest internet speed in the world, but it's more than enuf!!!Nevertheless, as we look a few thousand miles away from moscow, for example - a very famous country for its ICT project, the fastest speed available for the home based daily non-business internet user is very much unacceptable if u compare it to the height of KLCC or the technology of the SMART tunnel. However, I am hoping that someday, this "dillema" will come to the end, and some companies will start providing a decent "internet speed" for the malaysian users.

As i was cleaning my hard disc last nite, burning the old files on to the DVDs, I came accross some old photos of mine. I remind me, how fast the time passed by. Above , is the photo of me during 2005 aidilfitri. I was wearing light cream "baju raya".
This one, was on 2006, with violet "baju raya"

this is 2007 baju raya - baju raya shrek!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

jejak kasih!

Who's the guy? What the heck is he doing here? Which planet does he comes from? Introducing to all my reader, this is my not-so-Gay-fren. (nama dirahsiakan!). Let's call him Mr G. ( for mr g-string) hahaha... Earlier today, he left a comment on one of my photos in my friendster. Well dude, it has been a while since last I heard anything from u. The last time we met was nearly 6 years ago! Now, he's studying in South Korea , ( u r still studying there aite?) . Still single I reckon, that's why I'm so confused either u r straight or not? ( let me put it this way Mr G, are u gay or not straight? ) Let's clear that up , shall we? ahahah... OK, now, story time - We met at INTEC, he was doing his preparation course to go to South Korea and me doing mine. He's from KL and in I'm from kelantan, which basically makes us have nothing in common,( except that we are both super HOT , arent we ?) We technically stayed in the same block , but different entrance. So happened that we have the same frens and always hang out together. But , we became very close friends during one of the camps at hulu langat ( ala... kem bina semangat la konon- nya... nak kasi semangat utk belajar la tu... ) . Yup... we had such a memorable time there!!!! Spend a lot of time together! ( Pls girls, clear ur dirty imagination ) and the best part was, both uf us - wrote a poem together! To make it even better, we presented it - together, in front of the crowd! Awesome rite ! ( not gonna happen again dude... hahahah ). Dude, when are u coming to moscow huh? Bring some girls along if u plan to come, if u do come alone, dont call me! hahahhaha.... Anyway dude, I wish u all the best in ur life. We shall meet again, this I promise u... someday somehow... hahaha... this is soooooo gay... uurgghh..Ok, I'm done with Mr G for rite now! No more guys photos for the next 1 million entries! I know what are u all gonna say in the comments! Back to my med-student life. I have one more day left at the tuberculosis hospital. Tomorrow gonna be the final day posting and then... say hi to WEEKEND! I need a rest... I need a lot of sleep... I need to just lie down and think of nothing for a moment! This morning, I was soooo damn tired , I even felt asleep, in the metro - standing up , leaning on the wall of the wagon. That showed how tired I was, and I'm still very tired rite until this very moment. That's why i need my weekend to come very soon. However, this weekend not gonna be a quite weekend for me, lot's of stuff will be going on... My life has no full stop.. keep running and chasing around... and I'm living it to the fullest!!!

the snow is back in town!

Yes, it's snowing again! The snow has stop falling for the past few days here in moscow. What happened was, the temperature went up, more then 0 degree. Therefore, the snow on the ground started melting and it kept raining. This is the worst weather u could possiblely see here every year! It's so damn dirty! Sigh..... Today I went to Oxodny Ryad shopping center, which is located near the Kremlin. Reached there by 3 pm and the sun was still shining. But, on the way back, around 5 pm, It was already dark!!!
Currently, I'm having my tuberculosis posting. Lucky me that the hospital located quite near to my home. But, the class finish pretty late everyday , which really drained my energy. When I got back home everyday, all I could think of is "sleeping". Aaaaaa.... I cant imagine how my HO life gonna be next year. I might need to sign a sponsorship contract with RED BULL , coz I'm gonna need a lot of that so called energy drink! I cant drink too much coffee coz nowdays, too much caffeine make me feel like vomitting.

Someone asked me just now. " x study ker? ". eerrghh... Gimme a damn break will ya! I've been study all day long! ( a bit of exageration here!). But, frankly, I've been doing a lot of reading lately. Never happened before u know.... hahaha... finally, I feel like a med-student. Being in the final year, really scared the hell out of me! Hope it's not too late... better late than sorry aite? To my dear fren waliz - pls cheer up dear!... to azra... put ur photo back! hahahaha....
My thought of the day-
Some said , "If u dont try, u wont fail" But, what's the point of living if u are scared of taking risks and keep running away from the possibilties?

Monday, November 26, 2007

look in the mirror

" I never have an idol in my life, coz I always believe I could do better! " -Hannan Yusof
Soooooo SORRY everyone!!! not been updating for the past few days. Nearly a week I reckon. It had been a very busy week, and also quite a dissapointment for england and man utd fan. Nevertheless, I'm not gonna talk about football here, gonna throw that away for the time being! WALIZ, thank you for missing me! I miss u too! AZRA, what's wrong being a metrosexual huh? hehehe.. I miss u too la dear :P. So much to write, but so little time. I ve been very busy with my classes lately. Today, I've been analyzing X-RAYS from early in the morning until evening, and to be continued tomorrow! The x-ray films make me sick! huhhu... feel like vomitting. It was raining today, and I'm very much sensitive to rain! hahahah... keep it to urselves azra, i know what are u gonna say about it. What kind of man cannot stand in the rain! hahaha... shut up dear... I ve my sensitive side laaaa... gimme a break will ya! Anyway, I promise I'll try to update the blog as often as possible, but... with the winter exams coming pretty soon, do expect me to be "invisible" sometimes ok!

P/S - KAK RED - I MISS U THE MOST!!! ( just in case mak merah kate gue sudah lupa sama dia)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

good news or bad news? huh... part 2.

"PUTRAJAYA (Nov 21, 2007): The cabinet today agreed to extend the mandatory medical housemanship from one to two years, to ensure that the medical interns receive sufficient knowledge, skills and experience by the time they complete their training, Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said.
He said the new housemanship programme, which begins next year, will require medical interns to undergo training in six different disciplines such as medicine, paediatrics, general surgery, orthopaedics, obstetrics and gynaecology as well as in the accident and emergency department, for four months each."

- The Sun 21 NOV 2007-

Not the most anticipated news of this year for me I guess. However, I'm not that suprised about this. 2 years of housemanship.... I believe there are both , pros and cons of this new rule. Frankly speaking, as a future HO - I would rather have 1 year housemanship. Unfortunately, our government have different view about it. Huh... what can i say then. Nothing much I can do rite now, and this new rule not gonna change no matter how much I blog about it. So, for the love of God, just let's forget it for the time being. I have all the time in the world to worry about it.... 8-9 more months ... hopefully. Live for the moment baby!!!! oooyyeeaassss!!!

I havent been updating my blog for the past few days. Why? Coz I have been sleeping a lot! 3 days in a row, I slept at 9pm and woke up at 6pm! That was 9 hours sleep everyday.! What a healthy life. But, in order to achive that so called "healthy life" I had to sacrifice my study hour, my blogging hour, my ps2 hour... which are a lot of valuable hours of my life! So today, thing gonna change, not gonna sleep by 9 pm coz I have a lot of stuff to be done, some revision to do and last but not least - watch the game of the week - england vs croatia. ( yes, england - the LUCKY bastard team!). I'm an england fan, but I'm so dissapointed by their performance in these qualifiying games! What a waste of talent Mr Mclaren! Anyway, enuf for tonite - gonna hit the shower... adios amigos!!!

NEWS FLASH!!! hip hip hooorrrayy!!!.... England lost 3-2 to croatia, meaning england didnt qualified for euro2008! YESS... I'm an england fan, but with Mclaren in charge of the team, they dont deserve to win! Crap, should have change the manager long time ago! Sven Ericson would have done much better!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

eurotour summer '07 - Venezia , Italia

I've not been taking any new photos lately, so here u are - some more of my eurotrip leftover. This time is venice, the romantic city ( at least, that's what ppl said). Well, it's actually to be honest. Up here, is the photo of the Venice train station, where I spent a nite, sleeping in front of it. No worry, I wasnt alone, there we at least 30 ppl - backpackers who did the same thing. Unlucky the police there didnt allow us to start the campfire activities! hahahaa.. It would have been so much fun. So, sleeping in front of the train station - that was totally romantic, couldnt ask for more!
Nevertheless, since I'm the one who founded venice, I'm not gonna talk about venice in detail coz everyone here already has the rough idea what is venice is all about... the gondola... the venice festical.. bla bla bla... boring. Let's talk about my life, more interesting for sure. Oyyeeahh... no doubt about it.

This morning, .. but wait... it's 2.o8 am here 19 nov... occay then.. yesterday morning, 18 nov , at the hospital , as we finish the morning doctors conference, we were sitting on the sofa, having 5 mins break before continue doing what we were supposed to do, a doctor came to us and asked us to help her to transfer a patient. Well, since she asked nicely, we all agreed. But I was wondering why she needed so many ppl to help her??? As we reached the ward, I could smell something very2 bad was gonna happen! A female patient, I would say weight around 240-250kg was lying on the floor! 250kg... dude... even 4 of us really having a tough time moving her up to her bed. The patient's body was sweating, really smelly, no pants coz I think she wanted to go the toilet and some of the S*** already came out and the foot is diabetic!
There were a few more interesting details here that really makes my day, but I think , it's enuf for now. My hand was covered with blood ( dont really mind actually) but what pissed me off was, there blood on my shirt's sleeve. OMG... not that early in the morning! hahahah... I'm so gonna get used to it!!! Well, the 1st time I did the rectal examination, I could eat after that. But yesterday, we even talked about the blood and the s*** as we having lunch. No problemo at all.. hahahha.... Good day everyone!