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Monday, December 24, 2007


Doctor : do u have fever?
Sickboy : think so....
Doctor : then, what r u doing here? go back home and rest...
Sickboy : a bit later, maybe after I finish with the ECG.
Doctor : High temperature?
Sickboy : 37.5 degree.
Doctor : Cough? The phlegm - what colour? Flu?
Sickboy: Pretty bad.. cough, a bit yellowish... too much mucous production rite now.
Doctor : How do u treat urselves?
Sickboy : bla bla bla bla bla ( the list goes on)
Doctor : Go back home and rest. Dont come back until u r cured. Dont worry about the class, I'll give the zacut ( credit hours) to you unconditionally. No worry. Go back home and rest. Treat urselves before u get pneumonia.
Sickboy: Thank you!

This is what a med student has to do if we are sick. A simple mc paper from the doctor doesnt work. The doctors that teach u, are the only ppl who can give u permission to skip class. But, it wasnt my intention to skip class. I want to go to class. I love the doctors. But, I can stay in the class - I'll only infect other students. Must think about others too. Flu and fever , very easy to pass to others. One cough, one sneeze is more than enuf.

On the way back home, I stopped at the pharmacy and bought some new medicine. Amoxycillin and mucolytic for the cought, panadol for the fever, coldact for the flu and antivirus - citovir-. I took all the medicine the world has to offer. Really hope to get well soon. I wanna be jumping around, kicking ass again. I miss be a happy person!. Now that I'm sick, I've become a bit cranky most of the time. I cant talk much coz there are phlegm in my airways. Really annoying. Owh, in case u realize, I've bought the bloody inhaler. Yup, whenever i have bad flu, my asthma will drop by. FYI, I've stop using the inhaler for years!!! But last nite, I had an attack, that leave me no choice.... say Hi to Mr Inhaler - welcome back to my life... u suck dude.. big time.

My best companion rite now.. miss tissues. They are all over the place. The Flu is killing me. I think I could produce more than 1 liter of mucous rite now. Huh... At the pharmacy last nite... when I wanted to buy the inhaler
sickboy : Hi, I need the inhaler for asthma
pharmasist : which one?
sickboy : give me the salbutamol , ventolin.
pharmasist : occay... do u have the doc prescription?
sickboy : no need, I'm a doc myself! ( pls dont ask for my ID!)
pharmasist : owh... there u go. 150 rubbles. Pay at the counter.
sickboy : thank you
In moscow, some pharmacy has a very strict policy , and some dont. So, it depend on ur lucky day. Technically, u need doc presciption to buy the inhaler. But last nite, it was an emergency case, so I had to do what I needed to do. Tomorrow gonna be a day off for me. I really need to rest, a lot. In the end of the day, I believe , that the illness I have now is a test from God. Maybe to redeem a bit of my sins. Nevertheless.. God, pls make me healthy again!


waliz said...

poor baby...get well soon yr medicines and have enough rest..everything will be ok...take care dear....

Hannan said...

thanks waliz :)

عيديد said...

I'm home sick? How doctor? hahaa nice blog and love to read your blog.

Hannan said...

thanks aidid... home sick? balik umah aa.. hehehe
or else, go find some arabian hot chic !

wénkt said...

td call bos, then dia tak cam suara.. cakap lebih2 skit, then baru dia perasan.. tak mintak cuti lagi, terus dpt emergency leave.. bagus!!

suaraku tak sama dgn suara dr sms dh... buat sementara waktu laa

Hannan said...

hey man... u r alive.. thought dah kene makan dek ikan paus dah... glad to hear from u wan!

Lily.Lulu. said...

get well soon nnan ...
muah ..


Hannan said...

thanks babe :)

^eMiKo^ said...

OMG! bnyknye lah meds.. pity u.. get well soon!!

Red Mummy said...

br nak komen..

cam x jadik lak

anw dear

im not a doctor like you

but having flu, u shoudnt use the tissue, pakai kain is better.

kain, kain lap kain apa2 le janji kain

not TISSUES!!!

Mrs. Sheikh said...

moga cepat sembuh nan..

Ziana said...

alahai siannye..
get well soon hannan!!!

Hannan said...

kak red - adei.. kain ek... i suke pakai buang aaaa..

mrs sheikh - thank you dear!

ziana - pls keep praying for me!

intan kamaruddin said...

amoxicillin? are u sure? why not try klarotadin the loratadine je? n naftizin the decongestant..cikgu sy cakap... jgn main2 dgn a/biotics tauuu.. heheh.

Anonymous said...

helloooooo....get well soon eh....banyak betul ubat! and the thing on the first pic looks familiar ;D

Hannan said...

intan - my kahak dah kuning dah... dah ade infection dah dr intan... kena ambik a/b dah

azra - hehehe... that's our precious aite.. :)

pearlEJ said...

aiyoooooo.. apsal tisu tu tak buang siap2 dlm bakul??

mummysyafie said...

inhaler tu sebijik macam akak punya