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Saturday, December 15, 2007

pushing the limit!

Question of the day, which one is harder? Medicine or dentistry?
answer : Marriage!

heheheh.... this one dedicated to Miss Amy! Yup, marriage is a lot harder dear! Plus nowdays, the wedding ceremony would cost more than 6 years of my studies expense!!! So, Miss Amy, no worry. Choosing between medicine or dentistry is a lot easier than deciding what colour to wear during ur wedding! heheheh...


Mrs. Sheikh said...

nikah je kat masjid..hehehehehehe
buat yg wajib je nan..:)
murah dan jimat..yg penting diberkati Allah.

Anonymous said...

well....a marriage is something that a girl would dream about, be it a white wedding, a garden wedding or whatever it is....

and yes you are rite, one of my buddies is getting married and everytime i accompany her to shop for the wedding, i feel like wanna pengsan, budget at the moment has blown to freaking MYR300K and im not kidding you! - nuff said!

pearlEJ said...

Nasib baik miss Amy, bukan miss Emy..

mummysyafie said...

sekarang ni semua benda dah ada..tak macam dulu..but kos kawen skrg lebih tinggi dari dulu sbb skrg ni org masing2 nak bertanding..majlis sapa yang paling grand!

sib baik akak tak tawen