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Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I'm still sick. Yes, nothing new about me. I was planning to go back to class tomorrow since I felt a bit better in the morning, but, now I start to feel sick again. My throat is very dry and I feel something is stucked inside my trachea. Since I have my 1 week mc, I'm gonna have to postpone my comeback till thursday I reckon. No point going back to class if I'm not fully cured- will only end up getting sicker. Gonna rest well until I'm fully cured and not infectious to other ppl :)
I'm pretty sure that everyone here (except for kak red) had watched this beautiful fairy tales movie - enchanted. Yup, how could anyone missed it rite? McDreamy plays a divorced lawyer named Robert and the fairy tales Princess Giselle played by Amy Adams. What a lovely movie rite. Well, the truth is, it's a common sense that the sentence " live happily ever and after" is a bloody fairy tales. No doubt about that. There will be a part in ur life that's not the happy part, the sad part, the crying part, the jealous part, the "If I knew about it ealier" part" , the "I told u so "part, the "he hates my g-string" part, the bla bla bla whatver part. But , in this movie, they try to prove that happily ever and after does exist. Well, that's what movie for rite? telling stories and dreams that will happen to a real human being.

Nevertheless, I found this movie is very much interesting and amusing. The script is wonderful. The dresses are beautiful and the location of the production is New York. They should shoot the film here, in moscow. Here, forget about "to live happily ever and after" , the russian dont even give a shit about living happily. If u walk anywhere in moscow, and ppl around smile and greet u... check again. It'll never happen in moscow! Yup, I believe this is the side effect from the communism. Now, back to the movie. I really recommend this movie for everyone- all ages, men and women. It's a great movie , fun to watch -well at least, if it'll never happen in real life, let's it happen in ur dream aite? But then... who knows? Maybe we are living in our own fairy tales, maybe we are the prince and the princess in our enchanted fairy tales and the miracles would about to happen in our life :) .. life is full of suprises.... live life to the fullest


waliz said... not yet watch it either...but sound great..maybe i look for the dvd...thanks for the promotion..i hope they give u free ticket the rest of yr life...hahaha

Hannan said...

hhhahaa... no need babe/ i hardly watch the same movie twice :)
but maybe after few years.. I would love to watch it again!

Anonymous said...

errr this one not in my list of dvd marathon yet.....hehehehe....u still sick? u take ur ubats or not?.....isk, get well soon!

SyAfA~ said...

at last ther's man who watched enchanted..anyway..hello~


Lily.Lulu. said...

i dah tgk enchanted .. besssssssss .... besssssssssss


nnan .. jangan lupa makan obat batok cap ibu dan anak .. lebih mujarab ..

uhuhu ~

Hannan said...

azra - this is a must watch la babe

syafa - hehehe.. I still have my soft side la dear :)

lily - babe, sini xder jual ubat batuk cap ibu n anak la... hahaha...thanks anyway :)

pearlEJ said...

syok ker movie mcm tu??

mummysyafie said...

suka tengok citer fairy tales macam ni...echanted ni best..but terlalu simple..mayb senang bagi budak2 nak faham

[LADYKiKi] said...

eee rasa nak je pakai gaun2 cantuh.. klasik..