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Saturday, December 01, 2007

early in the morning ..

I found this website where u can check you internet speed and compare it with the rest of the world. Up here is my internet speed connection. Not the the fastest speed in Moscow, and not even in the top 10 fastest internet speed I could have get , but since mine is quite cheap, and considerlable pretty much fast - I am very content with it.

So, let's see - there are hundreds of internet connection supplier in Moscow, which makes the business is very competative. Resulting, a very good deal for the users! The speed is ultra -"FQ"- F***ing Quick! . May not be the fastest internet speed in the world, but it's more than enuf!!!Nevertheless, as we look a few thousand miles away from moscow, for example - a very famous country for its ICT project, the fastest speed available for the home based daily non-business internet user is very much unacceptable if u compare it to the height of KLCC or the technology of the SMART tunnel. However, I am hoping that someday, this "dillema" will come to the end, and some companies will start providing a decent "internet speed" for the malaysian users.

As i was cleaning my hard disc last nite, burning the old files on to the DVDs, I came accross some old photos of mine. I remind me, how fast the time passed by. Above , is the photo of me during 2005 aidilfitri. I was wearing light cream "baju raya".
This one, was on 2006, with violet "baju raya"

this is 2007 baju raya - baju raya shrek!


Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

Oh, this 1 is cool. eventho mine is also not listed there, but im pretty much satisfied with the 1 im using. very fast for 6 people using 1 moderm.
anyway, penah tgk kot such website promoted by my bro, named Nan as well. hehe.

pearlEJ said...

baju raya shrek... ekekekekeke..

mummysyafie said...

sungguh hijo! adoii...silau mak nyah