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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Passion or money

This work is tiring
Saving life is tiring
Working at the hospital day in day out is draining my body and soul

In few years time I will reach 30 years old.
I told myself n my friends that I will not doing oncall after age of 30
Need to spend time doing something fun and healthier

Now I have the chance to change my life
Less working hours, tripple or quadruple the money...
But one thing I am afraid of..

So afraid that I ll be missing my life as a real doctor ... Saving life
I am so afraid i am gonna lose all my clinical skills...

Between passion and money...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Please stop complaining ....

Much has been discuss lately in the news regarding the heavy workload of doctors, especially the housemen.

Honestly, it irks me so much

Nowadays housemen only been working for about 56 hours a week
And yet , they want less.
And yet... They are not performing well.

Nowadays, no more oncall for housemen ... They work in shift system... 12 hours a day...for 5 consecutive days.. Then they will have a compulsory 2 days rest. It is a good system ... And yet some of them still complaining about the heavy workload...

In the future... U can't handle hard work.. How r u going to be a good medical officer?

Currently I am working at the district hospital ... Less medical officer here.. We only have 3 Anaest here... Meaning we have to do 10 oncall per month. So during weekend we do 84 hours of oncall non stop hence we get to Rest the next weekend...
Yes.. U got it right.. 84 hours!
I started working from thursday morning ... At 8am... Then I ll only going back home on sunday at 5pm... U do the math!

Nope... I never complain about my crazy working hours.. 84 hours in 4 days... Housemen only need to work 56 hours in 7 weeks.
If someone going to have nervous breakdown... It gonna be the medical officers.. Not the housemen...

But we didnt collapsed .. We didn't run back home crying..
We didn't absconded from work.
We do our job , saving life... No compromise...

Why are we able to do this.. Working 84 hours non stop? Because that is how we were trained during housemanship... The endurance...
Doctors should be able to work extra hours cause people are dying every second...
Not like some cry babies nowadays.. 56 hours a week seems to be such a burden for them..
If u can't handle the pressure..
Find another job
But I bet in every profession u have to work hard to be successful...

Friday, April 20, 2012

Story of An intern

This is a true story happening today.
A very dramatic episode.
I am not trying to embarrass anyone , or trying to humiliate anyone... Just something to share... And some points for interns to learn.
In the end of the day... Doctors life is all about saving life..

One fine afternoon.... I was just finishing my round ...
I was hoping that it will be a great day for me... Praying hard that nobody is dying today... Hoping that no extraordinary case turn out today.

Suddenly, my obgyn mate called me telling me there is a patient fitting and collapsed in the labour room.
Without wasting anytime , we both rushed to the labour room.

Only to found out there is a lady... Very lethargic looking - lying on the bed...

Then i asked the nurses and the interns .. Did she the one who fitted?
All of them were looking at me... Wondering what an Anaest was doing at the labor room ... Then they said... Nobody fitted and nobody is fitting..

I was a bit pissed off, false alarm I guessed.

I asked my obgyn mo... " who is the genius who call u and inform about the fitting patient?"

Then she mentioned this particular name..

I straight away asked the interns around me to call that particular houseman...

A little while later she came to the labour room

In my mind... I was wondering... Why the hell was she went away after calling the mo regarding the fitting patient....

When she came to the room..
My first question to her was " give me the definition of fitting..."

Unsurprisingly , she could not answer that...

Then came my next question..." why on earth did u call ur medical officer and informed her that there is an emergency at the labour room.. That someone is fitting... While the truth is... Nobody saw anyone is fitting here?"

Then she came up with a brilliant answer..." I was not here... Someone told me that there is an emergency here... Hence i call the medical officer..."

Owh.. She was killing me...
" for goodness sake... If someone told u there is a pink elephant inside the labour room... Would u call ur superior about that? "

At least , u attend the patient first.. Then call ur superior to inform ur finding... Not based on random people who call u...

" then... How did u come up with fitting....?"

She replied... " it is an emergency.. If I mention fitting , my mo will come faster..."

Pure genius there....

Then I told her " u know... There are a million other life threatening cause that will make us come running here..."

When u mentioned someone is fitting and collapsing , surely Anaest will br called for ventilatory support...
But then... Lethargy is not life threatening and not require intubation... No need to call an Anaest to treat lethargy....

When ur house is burning... U call the fireman... Not the police....

Sigh... Luckily I was in a good mood today ... I didn't mention any foul language to her...

But then... 2 hours later... My fren told me that particular houseman was crying after that incident ... And she absconded from work today....

Well.. Dear houseman all over Malaysia
, rule number one.... U can't simply leave or absconded from work.. The government is paying u salary... If u skip ur working hours... U are earning " duit haram "

Secondly... Be tough and be smart... Don't be a sissy... If u can't take the sarcasm... Or u can't be scolded .. Don't be a doctor..

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I love coach

Like mommy... Like daughter
She likes coach so much that she wants to eat the handbag!
Well , actually she munches on everything she comes across
Her mommy handbag is one of the many casualties

Sunday, April 15, 2012

being a houseman is not a cause of death

our nation has been shocked a few days ago by the death of a houseman at a government hospital
condolence to the family
a good doctor has passed away  and we all should thank him for all the good deed he has done , all the patients he had treated

but then ,
at the same time , there are a few people  tried to blame the ministry of health for his death
nobody knows yet the real cause of his death
he could be murdered , or he could has committed suicide
either way , being a houseman is not a cause of death

there are so many housemen before him
most of them are alive and happily working right now
i am one of them

3 years ago , i was a houseman too
yes , i hated that part    , it was hard and tiring , full of anger toward my seniors , sadness , fatigue ...
and many other feeling... which is not worth mentioning here
nonetheless , none of those feeling could lead me to death

if u are smart enough to get urselves into medical school
u should be smart enough to deal with ur problem and issue during housemanship
( unless u are not actually qualified to be in the medical school in the first place )

houseman nowadays has lighter workload
there is no more oncall for houseman anymore
they work in shift system
every week , they have 2 days off

unlike us back then , we work 26 to 28 days per month
we were lucky to have a weekend off in every month
we were oncall  10-13 times per month
yet , we all are still alive right now

yes , there are a few unlucky one who ended up  being a psychiatric patients
but none of us ended up in the morgue

my point here is , MOH is not to be blame
MOH has done a lot to help houseman these days
they should be thankful instead
not asking for less work
if u cant cope with ur current light work ,
please consider another job

again , condolence to the family of the dead
a houseman has passed away
but being a houseman is not a cause of death

a very good article

 i came upon this article in the malaysian insider... written by dr kamal amzan.. a very good writing indeed !


So, you want to be a doctor

April 13, 2012
APRIL 13 — “A trainee doctor was found dead after an overdose. He was found dead with a used syringe beside him, with a drug used to fight off fatigue.” The Star, April 12, 2012.
For me, this is an issue close to my heart.
A few years ago, a friend of mine committed suicide by jumping from his apartment on the fourth floor of an apartment complex. He was a jolly good fellow, but faced a few bumps in his years as a medical student.
And throughout the years I worked as a houseman, two of my colleagues broke down and are under psychiatric follow-up, another four quit the profession while two others left for Australia.
My consultant used to call those who break down “collateral damage.”
I had my ups and downs those days. Some days I worked 36 hours straight, no rest, a Snickers bar in between, and was expected to be sharp, smart, alert, and to make the right calls at the same time. At one time, I remembered going home at 7pm, after 36 hours of working, only to be called back to the ward at 10pm because of someone else’s mistake.
No human should be treated this way. Expecting us to make the right decisions, and to treat patients well while depriving us of sleep and rest is ridiculous.
As if that was not bad enough, we were often subjected to verbal abuse in the wards, at times in front of patients and their family members. Some of us were even employed as security guards to chase away family members during non-visiting hours, and as a dispatcher running around searching for old notes.
I’m not sure what it is like now but those were the “good” old days.
Though the system produced good, resilient, disciplined, military-like doctors, there were a few who fell along the way from fatigue and mental breakdown.
Ten years back, we were short of doctors. Now, we have an oversupply of them in the hospitals. I used to take care of 16 patients in the ward and, now, from what I gather each houseman takes care of five to six patients only. And since some of the hospitals are computerised, they are no longer running around dispatching notes and results.
If this applies to most of the government hospitals, it must mean that their workload is markedly reduced.
I suppose the Ministry of Heath has begun to realise that housemen learn, think, respond better when they are well rested. I would rather have a few energetic, well-rested doctors treating me rather than more of those tired, sleep-deprived doctors at my bedside. On that note kudos to the Ministry of Health.
But then, as the working hours become shorter, and workload lighter, the quality of doctors we produce may now be an issue.
The Ministry of Health should conduct stringent tests before these doctors complete their housemanship. If they don’t perform or have an attitude problem, don’t pass them and keep them in the system for as long as it takes.
Revoke their title, bar them from practising if necessary, because what is worse than a tired doctor is one with a bad attitude and knowledge.
As much as housemen deserve better treatment, it should not be at the expense of our patients.
It is a good idea to make compulsory SPM/STPM leavers do community and volunteer work in hospitals, nursing homes, orphanages before applying to take up medicine. Aptitude and attitude tests are also a good way to judge someone’s character, but it is by no means a conclusive test to vet a person.
I mention all this because I do not want houseman to suffer from professional disillusionment. It needs to be addressed before they even step into medical schools or we may end up spending hundreds of thousands of ringgit training doctors, who at the end of the day realise ,”Hey, I do not want to do this for a living.”
Which is what we are beginning to see in our young doctors.
You may have a string of As in your exam but the passion you have in helping a fellow human being is the one that determines how good of a doctor you are.
Patch Adams said, “Our job is improving the quality of life, not just delaying death.”
A good working environment, and attitude is important in any profession especially medicine. And when the government is taking steps to improving their working condition, housemen should learn to count their blessings that they have been given an opportunity to serve humanity.
It is a privilege that not many have.
If all fails, then perhaps our SPM leavers should ponder on this quote by German born American physician Martin Henry Fischer before taking up medicine, “A doctor must work 18 hours a day and seven days a week. If you cannot console yourself to this, get out of the profession.”
Because when the going gets tough, it is the tough who get going

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


this photo above has nothing to do about what am i going to write
nia grows up so fast... was borned at 2 plus kg.. now she is already reaching 7kg by 5 months old
congratulation mommy for the breastfeeding.. u did well

back to the real topic today
it is an act of doing something stupid

it is a part of human nature to be an idiot at times
some  are able to hide that perangai buruk
some , they just keep potraying their idiotic image to the whole world

example of an idiotic thing to do...
- being a "mulut murai dan busy body"
this species is the stupidest persons ever
and i know a few of them
most of the time, these kind of poeple have nothing fun or exciting to do with their life
hence to opt to talk about other people life

to those people...
get a real life and stop being so "kecoh"
instead of calling and phoning other people to talk about gossip
might as well go and  teach ur children to read al quran
if ur life is so damn boring and flat ....
go to the mosque and learn something
keep u away from hell  .... after all the bad things u said about others

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Haram minta tolong doktor

I was listening to ustaz Azhar ceramah on my way to work today

He mentioned that it is haram for Muslim , it is syirik if we ask doctor to cure ur disease
It is true
We , doctors
We don't cure disease
It is Allah who does that
We are just the medium
If Allah want u to be cured
That u will be up and running again
If Allah says otherwise
It is time for u to go

Hence it is not fair to blame doctor if things went wrong... And it is wrong for doctor to take the credit

Baik buruk semuanya ketentuan ilahi. As a human being... We r just doing our best

Saturday, April 07, 2012

She munches everything

Nia is about to be 5 months old very soon and she starts to munch everything she can reach

The latest victim is my steering wheels
She licked all over it while mommy was out shopping
Daddy n little princess were waiting in the car, daddy was listening to radio and little princess was doing her business

Well... She is so cute
Praying to Allah nia will grow up healthy and blissful

Friday, April 06, 2012

Fcuk FAM

I know there are millions of Malaysian right now saying tutttt FAM

But they are probably right
I may not be a fanatic football fan
But I know what's right and what's wrong

TSAM has done such a wonderful job bringing up the red warrior team
And after being elected as FAM vice president, he did something good there as well too

Nevertheless, it is a human nature, someone so talented and loud is also a threat to somebody else
Hence , If there is a little chance to eliminate ur enemy, u should seize the moment
And TSAM has got his marching order

FAM, stupid as it is...

Tuesday, April 03, 2012


A riddle for everyone ...

Always ask for help
After being help
Never says thank you..

Something to ponder....