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Sunday, February 21, 2010

the vacation i needed...

it had been a stressful months for me..
i needed a bloody vacation.. i've been working very hard..
non stop..
hospital.. clinic... my shop..
and it's very tiring..
it's draining every single drop of energy in my body..
i was dying to have a quick break..
just a quick getaway..
i managed to squeezed sometimes for it..
a very short holiday..
but meaningful..
i've done a lot of thinking.
currently, i'm doing a few jobs at one time..
well, at one hand.. it's good for me.
but , on the other side... health wise... family wise - it's killin me softly...

so, i decided , for the timebeing..
i might have to let go a few things in my life..
things that i wish i could keep doing..
but , my life is more precious than i ever thought..
hence... some have to go..
in order for me to cheerish the moment..

well, not bad huh..

well, they said... if u think nobody cares about u... try missing out a couple of car payments ...

and if u think ppl not reading ur blog.. try to write an obvious mistake..

i've been away for the weekend..
no time to update the blog..
but will write about my beautiful journey later..

and of course.. miscarriage means abortion before 20 weeks of gestation...

thanks for the comments and keep reading ...dear colleagues..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a complaint...

our last photo together, JPA sponsored MD RSMU moscow, batch 2002-2008

the photo above has nothing to do with this entry anyway,
but this photo is very sentimental to me, and my friends too, I'm sure..

i received a call from a friend today,
his wife , currently pregnant - 38 weeks - had episode of PV - vaginal bleeding
so, i advised him to bring his wife to the hospital to find out the cause of the bleeding,
it could have be the placenta previa or worst.. miscarriage..

so, taken my advice, he brought his wife to the hospital and the doctors there had done all the necessary investigation and the doctors decided to induce the labour ... i'm not sure the real cause of the pv bleeding, not much detail on that..

nonetheless, my friend decided to choose not to induce the labour - which is against the doctor advise.. which i told him it's for the best to follow what the doctor said...

so, in between choosing to be discharged , there were a little arguement btwn the husband and the doctor in charge. Definitely the doctor incharge was frustrated when patient decided to do against doctor advice... and the husband persistantly want to bring the wife back home and decided to wait for the labour naturally...

when he reached home, he asked me either he made the right decision or not.. i said it's ur wife.. and he said he was a bit upset about how the doctor handle the situation... nonetheless, he asked me to say sorry to the dr in charge coz he was a bit rude back then during the arguement..
i said it's ok.. it happened everyday.
of course, he as the husband was very stressed having to make the decision ..
and the doctor aslo was very stressed... well.. coz dr always stressful!

i told him, it's ok. we doctors, dealed with thousand of patients.. and there were a lot of arguement happened.. and between those arguement, there were things being said - which are not supposed to be said...
nonetheless, we are all human, we made mistake..
so, the next best thing we could do is to forgive and forget..
and let's do it all over again tomorrow...
life is a crazy cycle...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

it's not what u think

me... early in the morning at kuala krai..
i'm currently enjoying my life as a doctor in kuala krai hospital..
definitely a different enviroment from the busy n crazy general hospital like hospital kota bharu...
the only downside of my current job at kuala krai is that.. the travelling..
the amount of time i spent driving everyday coz i live in kota bharu...
the kuala krai town is pretty much dead...
no p1 wimax connection there...
and the restaurants.. and the cafe there... are horrible..
the food is just unacceptable.., sorry to say that.
those living in kuala krai, please show me a place that serve good meals..
most of the time i ended up eating at kfc
coz the local cafes are such a disappointment.

nonetheless, the people there are very nice.
the hospital staffs are wonderful people..
always with a big smile..
and the patients... there are very grateful to see doctors...
unlike most patients living in the cities..
who treat doctors like their servant...
as if they are paying the whole cost of treatment at the government hospital....
sorry to bring this matter up...

and here, i finally able to appreciate myself for being a doctor...
back at the GH... with the crappy salary ... we were treated no difference from the garbage collector..
here in district hospital.. we finally have a piece of dignity back...

Monday, February 15, 2010

my valentine

while most of the single men and ladies in the world were busy celebrating valentine day, buying fresh roses , exchanging fancy gifts , having romantic candlelight dinner - I was busy doing my routine stuff ... was at the clinic , serving the community and earning some money to buy my lunch .... and maybe a bungalow someday.

so, that pretty much summarize my valentine day. but between my hectic schedule at the clinic, i managed to squeezed a few hours to attend my friend's wedding. It was nazman and adani glorious and happy day. congratulation guys, u r now husband and wife. till debt to u apart... opppss.. till death...
as i looked around during the ceremony, most of my friends are married. half of them already have kids..... and grandchildren... hehe. occay, too much. maybe 1-2 kids. then I start to think, when I'm getting marry..... and the thought lasted for about 30 secs... and i need to get back to work again. the biggest problem was, I think I'm still young... not ready yet to pull the plug as I have to gain a lot of thing before I hand in the ring...
but then, as think about it...
there's to much to achieve... and it will take more than a lifetime go gain all that...
which means, if i stick to my current plan, i might not get married at all..

Friday, February 12, 2010

my kuala krai...

well, another episode of my life at kuala krai..
occay, this is my bloody quaters... ugly as it is..
and it's very small.

so far, what do i think about hospital kuala krai?

it's freakin HOT.. i mean the weather.. the hospital is located on the hill..
and i think it's about 45-50 degrees celcius burning hot during afternoon...

well, considering it's winter in kelantan rite now..
snow is falling in kota bharu and pasir puteh..
the weather there is just outrageous!

but i love working at hospital kuala krai..
something new..
a bit relaxing..
the people are nicer..

it's a good place to be..

Thursday, February 11, 2010

let's go bumblebee

another day at work at kuala krai..
need to wake up early in the morning ...
maybe tonite i'll just stay at kuala krai coz i'm working on friday morning..
well... we'll see..
i'll just bring my stuff together..
what the heck, let's just stay there tonite..
we'll see what kuala krai has in store for me..
i'm sure there is a rum jungle there..
or "loft" ...
or at least zeta bar...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


the other day, a mother of a patient asked me about her daughter illness..
the daughter was diagnosed with RVD +ve , or in a simpler word - HIV
for hiv +ve patients , most of them had hepatitis B and C as well...

there are many types of hepatitis... - the inflammation of heart... or in Malay, Hati bengkak... or bengkak hati - either way..

the most common are hepatits A , B , C

hepatitis a is very common coz it spreads thru fecal oral route ... it's kinda like cholera ... when u eat infected stuff, or ingested anything infected with hepatitis A virus... then.. u r screwed..
but not that bad coz hepatitis A is curable...

unlike the other 2 sibling.. the hepatitis B n C
those who had hepatitis B and C,
the prognosis is not very good
so far, there is no absolute curative treatment for these 2 hepatitis..
the best would be liver transplant..
but it could relapse..
hepatitis b n c spread thru blood.. , sex, mother to baby..
same thing like hiv...

and there is one more hepatitis, called the autoimmune hepatitis..
this is a very special case..
u wont get this disease from other..
coz it's genetic..
the prognosis also not very good
but the steroid could prolonged the expiry date of the liver..

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

kuala krai.. here i come

this is how bumblebee looks at night, sorry for the poor quality photo..
i really in need of new camera..

well, starting from tomorrow,
bumblee needs to work extra hard.
i'll be working at hospital kuala krai
not sure about moving there yet.
tomorrow will go there and survey the place
i have no frens there yet.
so, until i can find someone to hang out with..
i'll still live in kota bharu..

anyone from kuala krai out there/.??

umar strikes back

again, another picture of my little raksaksa nephew...
he and the family came back to kelantan for the weekend,
and while they were in kota bharu - we had dinner together @ kfc
and the kids dont eat rice..
just like their uncle..
but then,
living in kota bharu,
there is not many place to have anything else than rice..
kelantanese people are mostly malay..
and rice.. is 2nd to oxygen for them.
i have a little news here..
no.. i'm not pregnant..
i'll be transfered to hospital kuala krai starting from 10th of feb 2010..
yes, i was hoping for that in view of medical department in kota bharu GH is pretty much like Palestin GH...

hencefoward, i'll get some fresh air there... kuala krai..
not too far away from kota bharu...

bye2 kb..
say hello to kuala krai
i just hope the P1 wimax will have connectivity there...

Saturday, February 06, 2010

it's a blind technique

to those who has a family member with chronic kidney problem - u should have heard about this procedure called the peritoneal dialysis.
the aim , or purpose for this procedure is the same as the hemodialysis, which to reduce urea in ur blood.

so, the fun part about this procedure , it is a blind technique. So, u need to be experience and smart to do this procedure successfully.
the complication of this procedure is - the most dangerous one is the perforation of the bowel. when we poke the catheter inside the peritoneal cavity,
there is a good chance we could injury the intestine as well.
which, happened quite a lot...

but then, as i told u before, considering this is a blind technique , shit could happen to any doctor who- did the PD and perforated the bowel ...
which is very very unfortunate - to the patient.. and the doctor as well...

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

i love badminton

it was the first sport i play in my life..
used to play for the school, then for the district during my primary school lifetime..
as i went to secondary school, i started playing basketball..
hence i left badminton..

when i was in moscow, I started to play badminton again..

now, I'm back in malaysia, i have a lot of frens who enjoy badminton..
now, it becomes a routine for me..
my sport schedule.

sunday - badminton with doctors and medical staffs
monday - badminton with lancer group
tuesday - badminton with dubaiz group
wednesday - badminton with the pilots
thursday - futsal
friday - badminton with dubaiz group
saturday - soccer @ husm

there, there goes my days of life - currently
getting in shape..
anyone who is interested to join.. and stay near by kota bharu,
pls contact me..
the more the marrier..

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

the other side of everyone's life

i just finished watching this movie, the blind side....
my tears dropped...
not that the story is so saddening..
or it's related to my life..
but it reminded me of a lot of thing..

it's a story about a homeless boy..
his real mother is a drug addict..
came from a gangster hood area...
and find his way to finally became a NFL superstar..
via help from his adopted family...

through out the movie..
it came to my mind..
that, there are lot ... thousand of people..
who are more unfortunate than us.. in this world..
some people, dont have house to live..
some people, never had a real meal..
just eating from the left over.. and worse, the garbage..

what really touched me was..
there were times, that I thought i hit the wall..
i thought, i was so unlucky..
i was unfortunate... that my life has ended..
yes, some think that being a doctor is already successful..
but for me i have far more dreams.

and I'm on my way toward it..
and currently , along the way ,
there are many hurdles.
and sometimes, i lost .. i just felt down..
and those are the times, i thought it was the end for me..
and i'm done..

but , after watching this movie...
it remind me..
what i've gone thru..
is far less challenging compared to others ..
some have to kill for food everyday..
me.... i just need to be more determined and patience..
to reach my dream..
and I'm praying that i will.

everyone should watch this movie..
if this movie didnt make u want to cry,
there is something wrong in ur brain..
maybe some infarction or intra cranial bleed...