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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

kuala krai.. here i come

this is how bumblebee looks at night, sorry for the poor quality photo..
i really in need of new camera..

well, starting from tomorrow,
bumblee needs to work extra hard.
i'll be working at hospital kuala krai
not sure about moving there yet.
tomorrow will go there and survey the place
i have no frens there yet.
so, until i can find someone to hang out with..
i'll still live in kota bharu..

anyone from kuala krai out there/.??


pB said...


cari Dr Nik Azrita

mummysyafie said...

la..minta la putrajaya terus..

MULAN said...

oohh.. enjoy your new place aaa..

Anonymous said...

good luck..:)

Mrs.Sheikh said...

kuala krai?
kenapa pindah nan??
berapa lama?