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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


the other day, a mother of a patient asked me about her daughter illness..
the daughter was diagnosed with RVD +ve , or in a simpler word - HIV
for hiv +ve patients , most of them had hepatitis B and C as well...

there are many types of hepatitis... - the inflammation of heart... or in Malay, Hati bengkak... or bengkak hati - either way..

the most common are hepatits A , B , C

hepatitis a is very common coz it spreads thru fecal oral route ... it's kinda like cholera ... when u eat infected stuff, or ingested anything infected with hepatitis A virus... then.. u r screwed..
but not that bad coz hepatitis A is curable...

unlike the other 2 sibling.. the hepatitis B n C
those who had hepatitis B and C,
the prognosis is not very good
so far, there is no absolute curative treatment for these 2 hepatitis..
the best would be liver transplant..
but it could relapse..
hepatitis b n c spread thru blood.. , sex, mother to baby..
same thing like hiv...

and there is one more hepatitis, called the autoimmune hepatitis..
this is a very special case..
u wont get this disease from other..
coz it's genetic..
the prognosis also not very good
but the steroid could prolonged the expiry date of the liver..

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