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Sunday, February 21, 2010

the vacation i needed...

it had been a stressful months for me..
i needed a bloody vacation.. i've been working very hard..
non stop..
hospital.. clinic... my shop..
and it's very tiring..
it's draining every single drop of energy in my body..
i was dying to have a quick break..
just a quick getaway..
i managed to squeezed sometimes for it..
a very short holiday..
but meaningful..
i've done a lot of thinking.
currently, i'm doing a few jobs at one time..
well, at one hand.. it's good for me.
but , on the other side... health wise... family wise - it's killin me softly...

so, i decided , for the timebeing..
i might have to let go a few things in my life..
things that i wish i could keep doing..
but , my life is more precious than i ever thought..
hence... some have to go..
in order for me to cheerish the moment..


arep said...

kat mana ni hanan? cantik

MULAN said...

take one step at a time.. u bukan robot nak buat semua sekaligus.. nanti stress woooo..