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Monday, March 01, 2010

Emang Dasar!!!

currently I'm so crazy about this band.. WaliBand..
new phenomenom from indonesia..
they started off with the most famous "cari jodoh" song..

but one song from their album that really attract me the most..
which is I'm currently listening to it at this very moment... emang dasar..
this particular song really make me lough out loud...

i just bought the vcd today, and i first listened to the song in my car earlier..
and I have to say, the song writer is really a genius...
damn.. it's such a catchy.... kick ass and a slap in the face song for all the bajingan out there..
my short attachment to Hospital Kuala Krai is coming to the end...
damn.. I wish I could stay there longer
hated to go back to GH...
but, as a good government slave..
i'll be back working at Hospital Kota bharu somewhere next week...
damn it...

the best ideal place for me to work would be the local clinic at pengkalan chepa..
nearby my house and I could be my own boss there..

not like @ GH..
there were like thousand of bossessss
and u have to please every single of them....

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