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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

dengue fever

we are losing the battle .... said the ministry of health on dengue fever

despite the wide spread news about this particular disease on the mass media..
not everyone takes full precautions about it..

there is no specific medicine to give to those who got dengue fever
but, if u do have dengue fever,
u must be warded , so we could monitor ur illness progress,
making sure that u r fully hydrated
and if u started to have bleeding
then we could consider giving u blood transfusion if the bleeding is severe.

if u do have dengue fever symptom...
which are - fever, headache, muscle weakness. , rashes .. ( and worst case scenario. .. bleeding )..and the fever still persistent after taking paracetamol , or some might go to the GP , was given antibiotic...
but the fever still there...
please present urselves to the nearest emergency room

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aziahzuber ialah name saye. said...

ah dengue! i was asked about chikungunya today during my SPA interview. all i could say is that the virus is transmitted by the same vector which is nyamuk aedes. huhuhu.. have no clue about symptoms and treatment. *clueless*