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Saturday, March 27, 2010

another day of jom heboh

imagine if u are in the ambulans with this little girl who is dying...
and the ambulans is stuck in the traffic, just about to enter the hospital compound..
it's just about 50 meters away from the emergency room..
but the traffic is not moving..
the road is paralyzed
the little girl is about to die..

and there's nothing u can do because the road is full with people ..
singing happily toward the jom heboh event site...

well... imagine if u are the doctor who's with this little girl on the ambulans
she needs ventilatory support..
u are doing manual bagging
but the then , it's not enuf coz the on board oxygen supply is finishing...
just imagine...

this is how the hospital entrance looks like on daily basis
this small entrance is the main entrance to the hospital
the jom heboh is held just outside the big arch
so people park their car inside the hospital compound the way the like..
there are a lot of people blocking the road...

bloody hell... why cant they just find a better place to held this event
i'm not against jom heboh
i just hated the organizer so much
i'm sure the whole hospital staffs felt the same way...

to the event manager..
or to those who approved the event to be held at the state stadium
imagine ur son, is dying.. on the ambulans,
just had an accident..
lost a lot of blood..
stuck in the traffic for an hour before managed to get into the emergency room....


Lynaa said...

hi doc,
hampir 2 tahun x view ur blog. since i've closed mine. saje nak review, then i found ur comment on my page.

i was like, owh, he's a doctor..hehe.

take care!

whm6840 said...

man... this is so terrible. Couldn't imagine to be whoever in the ambulance.

But, is it not possible to wheel the bed to the A&E with out ambulance? Or the crowd was so huge... there's no room for the bed to be wheeled even?

Can’t the girl be lifted off the bed and being carried to A&E since it is only 50m away? or was she tied with all those wires? or is there any specific procedures emergency patient has to arrive A&E with an ambulance?