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Saturday, March 20, 2010

i'm sorry bumble bee

well, i do not own this ferrari yet,
but maybe in the future..
and this is not the reason why i said i'm sorry to bumble bee.
coz i hurted her today..

i was oncall on friday, the this morning, i continue working..
then still doing some extra job at noon..
bla bla bla..
the point was, I was very tired..
and I my brain wasnt functioning at 100 percent capacity..
in short, i lost my focus when i was driving today.

so, bumble bee got hurt. not much, a little, i reckon
but the real cost is still unknown..
need to wait till tomorrow bumble bee meet her doctor...
hopefully it's repairable..
or else - bumble bee needs a new sets of wheels...

and that would mean more extra part time for me...

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