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Friday, March 19, 2010

hormonal changes?

lately, i have become so hot tampered for very unknown reason
i'm used to be mr cool among my frens and in the ward..
but since i came back from district hospital,
things have changed a bit..
i dont know why

those who work with me, know that I'm very laid down and calm doctor..
( used to be very "kalut" one when i started )
but after a while, i manage to be smart in doing my job.
i hardly scolded other, and I'm a very nice doctor to nurses and patients

nonetheless, for the past few days,
i became so easily irritated....
i dont know why...

maybe the medical posting is taking its toll on me..
it's the most stressful posting ...
no denial on that

to all my friend...pls bear with me until i finished my medical posting.


Mohd Hazaruddin said...

Dear Mr. Doc,

Life like this ...
Up n down!


siti_asiah said...

me too...asik nk mrh je