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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

as time passes by...

i had my bad days..
and i guess, it's over.
i'm turning into a new page of life

shit happened, nothing can undo that
i'll just deal with it,
and try to get the best out of it

i was oncall yesterday.
i started the day with a prayer to Allah
I prayed to have a wonderful day
and I did.

yes, sometimes, we forgot that everything that happened to us,
come from God.
I'm very much forgotten about that lately

i had my series of unfortunate events.
but, as i think about it....
it wasnt that bad.
well, it was bad actually,
but then , here i am, still breathing..

the best thing to do when u feel bad about urselves,
just look around u, there are many more people who are more unfortunate compared to u.
some people live on the street, hoping for the passers by mercy to throw them some coins or foods...
when i think about it, i felt thankful that God still gave me the life i have rite now.

and, when u are successful,
we must remember , there are many more successful people out there,
and they are far richer and smarter than us...
that would take us back on the earth....

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Anonymous said...

wow..i love this entry...u r indeed born to be a writer!
i admire ur writing!