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Friday, March 26, 2010

the era is over???

we were called to a meeting with the hospital director a few weeks ago,
he was mentioning about the increasing numbers of doctors in malaysia for the past few years
and the number kept rising
due to the increasing numbers of doctors lately,
the issue that risen is - the quality of current doctors

yes, i hate to talk about it
but it's true

the quality of newly graduated doctors are very much debatable.
there are too many medical students graduating every years.
according to a reliable source, in malaysia nowdays,
each years, we are producing more than 2000 doctors ( including those who graduated from overseas university )

ok, that's quite a large number,

which is good to the citizen of malaysia
as there will be doctors everywhere ...
nowdays, there is no doctors working permenantly at local clinic,
only visiting doctors,
but in next few year, surely there will be...
and more benefit to the community

that's the good part
the not so GOOD part is...

according the ministry of health
based on current rate of doctors graduating every year.. ( about 2000 per year )

maybe... and i'm pretty sure about it ... starting 2012 ,the medical students who graduated ,
will NOT be guaranteed a place at the government hospital.
in short, u have to take ur turn to be a houseman.
so, u might be jobless for quite sometimes
not all of u... maybe some...

and to those graduating from overseas, regardless u are sponsored by the government..
u have to sit for a special exam before u'll be allowed to be a houseman at malaysian government hospital...

which i think... WOW... I just glad I'm already a doctor now.

all these new rules , is to make sure that only the best would serve the malaysian citizen...

so, the moral of the story here...
if u think by enrolling into medical school
and u'll be guaranteed a job in the future,
think twice.

try dentistry.
our country needs a lot of dentists.

and i'm not kidding about what i write in this entry


:+:+:+:arina aliaa:+:+:+: said...


now i see why my dad forced me to take up dentistry instead of medicine 5 years ago.. *glad*

job also has its market eyh?


fifi said...


i do agree with u about the quality of the medical student now.

dR Hannah said...

haa whatt..???

betul eh encik doctor? oh no. i'll be graduating on 2012. alamaks!


should stay oversea lah kalau macam tu since malaysians tanak doc dah. huhu

pensukebulan said...

haha peoz! aku keje kat india lah camni