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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

RAPI 1st november

jangan lupa baca ruangan bersama dr hannan di muka surat 70

Monday, October 29, 2012

RAPI - 1st november

dear readers
have u bought the latest edition of RAPI MAGAZINE
RAPI MAGAZINE is Malaysia number one health magazine
i have a column inside the magazine called  "tanya apa saja"
basically i answer question regarding medical problems
the readers asked all kind of question and my job is to give them the best answer ,
to make them understand and satisfied

really love writing in the magazine :)
keep on supporting RAPI MAGAZINE guys!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

family moment

a lot of my friends in KL asked me
"dude ... what do u do in kota bharu ? i have been there before and the place is so boring to live for our age..."

well  , i guess he is right
living in Kelantan is quite boring actually
it is a nice place to settle in
to grow up kids
to spend ur elderly life
kelantan definitely the right place to be

but then , for people who love to shop at different malls every week
for people who love to have meal at fine dining restaurant
for couples who enjoy watching movies at the cinema
kelantan is not for u for sure

now matter how boring kelantan is
it is my birth place
it is where i grow up
it is my hometown

we may have not much interesting place to go
the beaches are not as beautiful as they were before...
the waterfalls areas are such an eyesores..

i spend my weekends and free time at the fitness center
with my family
teaching baby nia how to swim
have a nice dinner
then we go back home
sound boring , but we enjoyed it
cherish the family moments
that what matter the most

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

again and again

for a thousand times
again a long absences from this blogging world
currently busy doing so many thing in life
trying to be a millionaire before i reached 40 years old
yeah , sound impossible
but what the heck,
that's my dream not urs
i can dream anything i want to

nowadays i am also a columnist for RAPI magazine
it has been a new fresh challenge for me
the other i got a slot for MIDI MAGAZINE
more are coming
sometimes i wish i have more hours in a day
40 hours in a day sound reasonable
but then
no man could stop the clock from ticking
i wish i have more time to spend with my family
i wish i more free time to enjoy life
but i dont

it is a sprint race

nia has grown up so fast
she is reaching a year old in a month time
now she could walk on her own
cant wait till she calls me DADDY...
love you my Booo

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

how to look good part 2

when i wrote about anti smoking
nobody seems to care enough
what the heck ,
we all will be dead due to lung cancer
for all those smoker, see u in Hell
surely u have a lot to answer to God  after causing so much harm to other human being

back to my topic
how to look good part 2

-> make it ur job to look good
wonder why all those models look so good and stunning
it is because they earn their living by looking good on the runways
well  , not everyone is a model
and surely not everyone has the attribute to be a model
but then
that is not a reason why we should not be able to look good

if u are  a business man or women
u need to look good to give urselves self confidence
and to make other look up to u
it is a common sense people are more attracted to beautiful people or things

everytime u want to take dinner or any heavy meal .
look in the mirror
do u need the extra fat?
will u be able to wear that gorgeous suit?
what will my customer think of me? a fatty bum bum?

when u dont have the will to hit the gym
go to the mirror again.....
where is my bloody six packs?
how will i look in the class photos?

correlate ur physical condition
and how it will effect ur job
then u will be more serious about how u look!

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

My dream and hope

I know this would sound a bit gay and girlish
But I m really praying hard for world peace
In my vocabulary, world peace means no tobacco and cigarette

I don't hate smoker
I just prefer them not to smoke

A lot of my friends are smokers, unfortunately for me
I might die sooner than them from lung cancer , being a second hand smokers
Well, we all would

In the clinics ,
I met so many old ladies who came in with lungs complications
The common things about them isis - their husbands are smokers
Yes , the wives suffer more being the second hand smokers

I know all this stories would not the smokers out there from restraining themselves from any kind of tobacco

I just hope.. People who don't smoke.. , be active and advice those smokers from stop smoking... The wives especially. U have the power to ask it husband to stop smoking.. Yeah.. The power is called "tear"
The tear of love. A wife tears could turn the world upside down.

As a doctor, I would be happy if I could advice at least 10 smokers to stop smoking through out my life. There are about 50000 doctors here in Malaysia.. If each doctor could get 10 people to stop smoking... That would be half a million people already.

Half a million people stopped smoking.. That would save our government rm100 million of medical treatment cost to treat bad lungs complicated from cigarette.

Think about it guys .
Something to ponder before we all go to sleep tonight

how to look good ?

people always ask me
how to look good ( not that i am good looking! )
how to look stunning?
how to be awesome?
how to be eye catcher?

well .
the easiest way is to join the beauty business
when u are in this kind of business
being pretty and good looking is a must!
automatically u will work hard to achieve that

Good bye hospital tanah merah

it was an emotional farewell party indeed.
a very big thank you for all the OT staff who organized the ceremony
there were a lot of cakes , as a token of reminder of all the sweet memories we shared together
me with the obgyn team , Dr Rahimi and Dr Wan Nizam ( JUSA C )
we had our moments. Good ones, bad ones
in the end of the day , it is all about saving life 
the mastermind of farewell party , Dr Nashwa ,
thanks a lot .. sorry i have to go ...
u guys would do just great without me .. 
love the farewell gift :)

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

moving on

it is time to move on again
i had my joy and fun at the district hospital
a quick journey indeed
For about 9 months
i have work my ass out at hospital tanah merah
i have paid my due
it is time to go somewhere else

love working there
great enviroment in the operating theater
something i will miss the most

nonetheless , in pursuit of my ultimate dream
i have to move on
i need to go somewhere to learn new thing
meet more people

 i am still young
but i have so many dreams and ambitions

Monday, October 01, 2012

rasa x sedap hati


i dont really like to write about gossip in my blog
i prefer to write something informative and educational
but then... something being bothering me for the past few days

accidently , i watched a cooking show televised by our local station
the station is know for being islamic prone
which is a good thing

anyway ,
the cooking show is called RESIPI SUNNAH
i believe sunnah is referred to something loved by our prophet SAW

yes, it is a great effort by the tv
a big clap
but then ,
during the show i noticed that the host is not properly dressed
when u do something related to our beloved Prophet
kindly close ur aurat..
the host is not wearing her veil properly
thus , revealing a part of her hair and neck
which is an aurat

should anyone has any relation with the tv company
kindly advise them to ask the host to wear the tudung properly
it is an insult to our beloved prophet when someone hosting a show about him..
revealing her aurat..

i know when i post this issue
a lot of people will condemn me..
a lot of people will start looking for my fault
a lot of people will search for my wrong doing

i am not perfect
i am sinful
but i wrote here as a protest
a protest as i felt that our prophet is not being respected enough
and i believe it s wrong
should i not post this entry , i wont be able to sleep well at night

i pray for the best that we could correct the issue here
ask the host to wear the tudung properly
it is a good show to educate people about our prophet sunnah
but , the host must show respect to our prophet

RAPI - the best health magazine

have u read my column in RAPI magazine
i am writing for them now
my page is called " tanya apa saja"
basically, the readers will ask anything about medicine and health
and i would do my best to answer their questions :)

starting from october 1st
twice a month
u will see my cute little face inside the magazine

RAPI is a good magazine

i was a reader of RAPI magazine long before they invited me to write in their famous magazine
basically the RAPI magazine is about health
they focus on healthy lifestyle
balanced diet , how to work out
it is a wonderful and informative magazine indeed
there are other doctors beside me writing in the magazine as well

get your own copy on RAPI magazine now
it would be the best RM 4.00 you ever spend on!