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Monday, October 01, 2012

rasa x sedap hati


i dont really like to write about gossip in my blog
i prefer to write something informative and educational
but then... something being bothering me for the past few days

accidently , i watched a cooking show televised by our local station
the station is know for being islamic prone
which is a good thing

anyway ,
the cooking show is called RESIPI SUNNAH
i believe sunnah is referred to something loved by our prophet SAW

yes, it is a great effort by the tv
a big clap
but then ,
during the show i noticed that the host is not properly dressed
when u do something related to our beloved Prophet
kindly close ur aurat..
the host is not wearing her veil properly
thus , revealing a part of her hair and neck
which is an aurat

should anyone has any relation with the tv company
kindly advise them to ask the host to wear the tudung properly
it is an insult to our beloved prophet when someone hosting a show about him..
revealing her aurat..

i know when i post this issue
a lot of people will condemn me..
a lot of people will start looking for my fault
a lot of people will search for my wrong doing

i am not perfect
i am sinful
but i wrote here as a protest
a protest as i felt that our prophet is not being respected enough
and i believe it s wrong
should i not post this entry , i wont be able to sleep well at night

i pray for the best that we could correct the issue here
ask the host to wear the tudung properly
it is a good show to educate people about our prophet sunnah
but , the host must show respect to our prophet


tintahijau said...

I agree with you, doctor. Sadly this incident happened in our country.And nobody said a single word about it.I didnt watch television but i've heard about this cooking programme.I thougt it is as good as its name...but really sad to hear that.I wish we could make a change by spreading this information.

Aku Ibu Muda said...

Dear doctor....

I noticed the same thing... if i'm not mistaken start from last Ramadhan lagi tv show ni...

Ashanira Md said...

agree.., i watched that once.

~Ati_Hime~ said...

and I thought I'm the only one who realized that..huhu