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Monday, October 01, 2012

RAPI - the best health magazine

have u read my column in RAPI magazine
i am writing for them now
my page is called " tanya apa saja"
basically, the readers will ask anything about medicine and health
and i would do my best to answer their questions :)

starting from october 1st
twice a month
u will see my cute little face inside the magazine

RAPI is a good magazine

i was a reader of RAPI magazine long before they invited me to write in their famous magazine
basically the RAPI magazine is about health
they focus on healthy lifestyle
balanced diet , how to work out
it is a wonderful and informative magazine indeed
there are other doctors beside me writing in the magazine as well

get your own copy on RAPI magazine now
it would be the best RM 4.00 you ever spend on!


Syazwan Che Deraman said...

good job doctor!
dah boleh share info kesiahatn dalam majalah.

nak beli rapi lah nanti.
banyak info kat situ.

Len Inouie said...

Too bad I didn't get this edition. I got 'kuku mudah patah'.Its not even 'patah'.. its 'koyak'. even worst. *sigh*