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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

My dream and hope

I know this would sound a bit gay and girlish
But I m really praying hard for world peace
In my vocabulary, world peace means no tobacco and cigarette

I don't hate smoker
I just prefer them not to smoke

A lot of my friends are smokers, unfortunately for me
I might die sooner than them from lung cancer , being a second hand smokers
Well, we all would

In the clinics ,
I met so many old ladies who came in with lungs complications
The common things about them isis - their husbands are smokers
Yes , the wives suffer more being the second hand smokers

I know all this stories would not the smokers out there from restraining themselves from any kind of tobacco

I just hope.. People who don't smoke.. , be active and advice those smokers from stop smoking... The wives especially. U have the power to ask it husband to stop smoking.. Yeah.. The power is called "tear"
The tear of love. A wife tears could turn the world upside down.

As a doctor, I would be happy if I could advice at least 10 smokers to stop smoking through out my life. There are about 50000 doctors here in Malaysia.. If each doctor could get 10 people to stop smoking... That would be half a million people already.

Half a million people stopped smoking.. That would save our government rm100 million of medical treatment cost to treat bad lungs complicated from cigarette.

Think about it guys .
Something to ponder before we all go to sleep tonight

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