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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

how to look good part 2

when i wrote about anti smoking
nobody seems to care enough
what the heck ,
we all will be dead due to lung cancer
for all those smoker, see u in Hell
surely u have a lot to answer to God  after causing so much harm to other human being

back to my topic
how to look good part 2

-> make it ur job to look good
wonder why all those models look so good and stunning
it is because they earn their living by looking good on the runways
well  , not everyone is a model
and surely not everyone has the attribute to be a model
but then
that is not a reason why we should not be able to look good

if u are  a business man or women
u need to look good to give urselves self confidence
and to make other look up to u
it is a common sense people are more attracted to beautiful people or things

everytime u want to take dinner or any heavy meal .
look in the mirror
do u need the extra fat?
will u be able to wear that gorgeous suit?
what will my customer think of me? a fatty bum bum?

when u dont have the will to hit the gym
go to the mirror again.....
where is my bloody six packs?
how will i look in the class photos?

correlate ur physical condition
and how it will effect ur job
then u will be more serious about how u look!

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