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Sunday, January 31, 2010

that dinner.

i just came back from a dinner..
medical department dinner... nicknamed the medic nite dinner..
nonetheless, despite the catchy name like that..
it doesnt change the fact how depressing the medical department is !

after a long absence from this blogging world..
i'm out of idea what to write..
used to have about 1000 per day..
now, i'm not too sure i have more than 10 readers per day!

I just got my life back
finally i have someone else running my bistro for me
for the time being.. i'm taking a break from this business world..
for a while..
just wanna concentrate of being a doctor..
i need a rest..
after being warded that day..
i realized i've over worked myself..
i've outdone myself..
i did more than i actually could..

so, i'm taking a time off..
for a few weeks, or months..
need to reorganize my life..
maybe clean up the house for once!
and I could spent more time writing my blog..
like i used to do..

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


i reckon i lost a few kilos after i was warded last week.
hopefully i could lose a few more kilos.
need to be in good shape..
healthy body... means, less chance of getting those cardiovascular disease..

above, my pix with my bff - dr rusliey...
we'll open our own clinic soon...
hope, the dream will come true..

currently... am very tired..
was oncall last nite..
just another day @ work i supposed..
if based on european regulation..
the EU had strict rules about the working hours..
so, back in europe..
if u are oncall that particular night..
u are supposed to have a day off the day later on..
but, here in our 1 Malaysia...
after 24 hours of oncall...
we still need to work another 12 hours after that..

so, technically, government doctors in malaysia,
if we are oncall..
we are working 36 hours non stop...

and yes, the secret is..
we are mutant..
we are the x-men.., superman.. batman, spiderman...
which explain we need no rest..
shhh... dont tell anyone...

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I miss this little creature..
he's so damn cute
havent seen him for quite sometimes..
even thou he's too "hyperactive" to be handled..
and destroyed everything in the house...
u just cant stop loving him...

I'm oncall today..
thankfully, not too busy as I was expecting
I'm praying for everyone in kelantan alive and healthy ...
no more admission please,
and hopefully everyone in the ward will sleep well...
praying that there will be no CPR tonite..

Saturday, January 23, 2010

learned the hard way

my fav past time...
eat chocolate!
I love those dark chocolate... with a lot of nuts... hazelnut.. cashew...
uummm... yummy!

i got an email few days ago...
and i havent reply it yet..
but to the writer..since u claimed u've been reading my blog..
here goes the reply!

the writer asked me how to be a good doctor, and at the same time, to own ur own business, like I did..

well, my answer would be....
unless u really crazy... dont be like me!
it's tiring to do 2 things at the same time... very's killing me!

but, if u insist, here are the inside tips..
even if u a busy doctor, u wont be working at the hospital 24 / 7
there will be some free time - if u r not married! like i do..
if u are married, just spent the left over time u have with ur beloved family..

my case is different..
i'm single and I spent every night, eating out and hanging out with frens..
there, I met a lot of people
I dont really hang out with doctors, coz if I hang out with doctors,
all we talk about is - work, medicine... stress... and more stress... no life
so ended up making frens with people outside the hospital

some are government workers, some are businessman.
there, we became frens... some became good frens...
and... i make use of that...
learned about business from them...slowly..
and when u r ready..
open ur own business..
when u have a lot of frens,
technically, u have a lot of back up...

but then... that was just a little tip...
there is more in life..
u just gonna have to experience it by urselves..
learned the hard way!

i'm all well

thank you to those who visited me at the hospital and to all the warm wishes..thank you very much!

for those who didnt know, I was admitted to ward due to some kind of viral fever
I had a very high grade fever for about a week,
at first I thought it was just another upper respiratory tract infection
and initially I treated myself with the antibiotic
Nonetheless, the best antibiotic I could get my hands on , couldnt free me from the fever
afterward, thing got worse...
I lost my appetite, I became very weak...
started to have a very severe headache...
and I dont feel like talking to anyone...

hence, I asked a fren of mine to send me to the hospital perdana ,
where I was admitted ....

and as I thought , it wasnt just another bacterial infection..
it was a viral fever...
no medication for that..
just rehydration... and eat more..

few days later,
I regained my health back
and here i 'm rite now..
healthy and kicking again
thank you God,
thank you everyone for being there for me...

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Al Fatihah

Al fatihah untuk emak shida yang kembali ke rahmatullah pagi tadi.......