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Saturday, January 23, 2010

learned the hard way

my fav past time...
eat chocolate!
I love those dark chocolate... with a lot of nuts... hazelnut.. cashew...
uummm... yummy!

i got an email few days ago...
and i havent reply it yet..
but to the writer..since u claimed u've been reading my blog..
here goes the reply!

the writer asked me how to be a good doctor, and at the same time, to own ur own business, like I did..

well, my answer would be....
unless u really crazy... dont be like me!
it's tiring to do 2 things at the same time... very's killing me!

but, if u insist, here are the inside tips..
even if u a busy doctor, u wont be working at the hospital 24 / 7
there will be some free time - if u r not married! like i do..
if u are married, just spent the left over time u have with ur beloved family..

my case is different..
i'm single and I spent every night, eating out and hanging out with frens..
there, I met a lot of people
I dont really hang out with doctors, coz if I hang out with doctors,
all we talk about is - work, medicine... stress... and more stress... no life
so ended up making frens with people outside the hospital

some are government workers, some are businessman.
there, we became frens... some became good frens...
and... i make use of that...
learned about business from them...slowly..
and when u r ready..
open ur own business..
when u have a lot of frens,
technically, u have a lot of back up...

but then... that was just a little tip...
there is more in life..
u just gonna have to experience it by urselves..
learned the hard way!


Najiahtul Syafiqah Ismail said...

hehe... nice tips... I love chocolate too...;)hehe... nice tips... I love chocolate too...;)

Dr Violin said...

tanx dr. hannan for the advice... really appreciate it... that business is jus my future plan... but my main priority now is to grad n become a succesful dr first.. doa kan yer :-)