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Sunday, January 31, 2010

that dinner.

i just came back from a dinner..
medical department dinner... nicknamed the medic nite dinner..
nonetheless, despite the catchy name like that..
it doesnt change the fact how depressing the medical department is !

after a long absence from this blogging world..
i'm out of idea what to write..
used to have about 1000 per day..
now, i'm not too sure i have more than 10 readers per day!

I just got my life back
finally i have someone else running my bistro for me
for the time being.. i'm taking a break from this business world..
for a while..
just wanna concentrate of being a doctor..
i need a rest..
after being warded that day..
i realized i've over worked myself..
i've outdone myself..
i did more than i actually could..

so, i'm taking a time off..
for a few weeks, or months..
need to reorganize my life..
maybe clean up the house for once!
and I could spent more time writing my blog..
like i used to do..

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