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Saturday, January 23, 2010

i'm all well

thank you to those who visited me at the hospital and to all the warm wishes..thank you very much!

for those who didnt know, I was admitted to ward due to some kind of viral fever
I had a very high grade fever for about a week,
at first I thought it was just another upper respiratory tract infection
and initially I treated myself with the antibiotic
Nonetheless, the best antibiotic I could get my hands on , couldnt free me from the fever
afterward, thing got worse...
I lost my appetite, I became very weak...
started to have a very severe headache...
and I dont feel like talking to anyone...

hence, I asked a fren of mine to send me to the hospital perdana ,
where I was admitted ....

and as I thought , it wasnt just another bacterial infection..
it was a viral fever...
no medication for that..
just rehydration... and eat more..

few days later,
I regained my health back
and here i 'm rite now..
healthy and kicking again
thank you God,
thank you everyone for being there for me...


Dr Violin said...

syukur alhamdulillah dr. hannan dh sihat :-)

Wahidah said...

alhamdulillah.,,,dh sehat kembali...bgslaa