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Thursday, December 30, 2010

wedding gifts!

 still stories from my wedding!
sorry no update yesterday as i was oncall-ing
congratulation to malaysia football team for winning the AFF suzuki cup
good job
pity the kelantanese for not having the public holiday!
anyway , nak story sket pasal wedding gifts aritu
i got a lot of wedding presents !
took us the whole day to open them all
thank u very much guys!

one of the most cool wedding present ever
was the one in the photo above!
the rockford fosgate sound system for my car! heheheh
thank you!!!

this one is for real :)
 next would be the big gift from the anaest departments! the microwave oven. Thank you to all the doctors , the medical officers , the specialist ! this would be a very useful gift!
and it's samsung ... cool :) i love samsung...
 another samsung wedding gift came from vijan , sheng and the group! digital photo frame. A perfect wedding present. I put all my wedding photos in it , so everyone could enjoy watching the photo without turning on the lappy!
lots and lots of wedding present ...
these are only half of them...
thank you guys
u really made my day

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

my best men

one of the main component in a successful wedding is a good best man
in my case , i had 2 of them
y do i need 2 best men?
coz being a best man is a very tiring job!
honestly , it's not an easy task as well.

u need to be good looking ,
but u need to be less handsome than the bridegroom ( oppsss )
u need to be smiling all day long
u have to be tough , to be standing and "fanning" the " raja sehari" under the hot shining sun...
and u must know the etiquette

my best men were Dr hafiz rizal n syazwan zahari
both were still single and very much available

Dr Hafiz rizal drove me all the way from kelantan ,
and he was sitting next to me during the akad nikah ,
calming me down ...
read all kind of prayers to make sure i said the akad in one full sentence successfully.

my second best man was Mr Syazwan zahari
my long old best fren
we knew each other inside out
but pity him , still couldnt find the rite gurl yet
he has everything , a nice car , a big house , a great job
one thing lacking was a wonderful wife
so , ladies out there , he's up for grab ya.
he was my pengapit during the " persandingan"
and during makan beradab
apparently , that was his 27th time being a best man

definitely, his time is up..
next wedding must be his turn.
i pray for the best for him and dr hafiz rizal!

Monday, December 27, 2010

my wedding - LGTC visit

ni beta x abis lagi nak citer pasal my wedding ni
this time , photoshot with my LGTC group
first and foremost , i would like to thank them for attending my wedding
it meant a lot to me
one big convoy of lancers , evos , vw golf and euro civic ...
 in the middle of the wedding reception , the convoy went to the nearby mosque for asar prayer
then we had our photography session!
 cantek kan? hhehehe..... credit to the photographer!
 thank you all for coming.... abe ja , jimi , koseng , dr akram n family , pak imam pie and family , dr nadiah , amin , yie n family , abe rodi , mikel and others... tq all~!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


thank you Allah..
semua majlis telah selesai dengan jayanya
xder hujan, xder ribut
cuaca baik sahaja pada kedua2 majlis

xder kes sakit perut dilaporkan selepas kenduri
lagipon semua makanan dimasak secara "rewang" atau  " big work"
so, all the food is so fresh..

the "letih" part
is the cleaning part
rase macam nak panggil je semua maid2 indon
nak upah cuci semuanya
sakit blakang den...

tomorrow..another session of outdoor photography
tonite , rehat la dulu
i'm so tired

and one more
big thanks to those who came to the weddings
really appreciate ur attandance
u made my days
and very much thank for the lovely beautiful wedding gifts!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

di sebalik tabir

 again , photos taken from

tapi kali ni nak citer , ape yg berlaku di sebalik gambar2 ni.
mase ni tok imam suruh duduk tengah ,
pak imam tanye " sape nak bace khutbah kawin ni , pengantin ke? saya ke? "
" PENGANTIN " jawab salah seorang penonton a.ka. abang sulung ku...
ampes tul....

"xper pak imam , pak imam bace la dulu kali ni , next time saya baca plak ... sila2 " seraya jawabku ...
dalam hati punye la berdebar tuhan saje yang tahu...

muka memang la senyum... tapi dup dap... dup dap...
habis doa aku baca... doa makan pon siap ulang 3-4 kali
 alhamdulillah, angkat nikah berlangsung lancar , sekali lafaz sahaja
lepas je aku terima nikahnya tu..
baru la rase berpijak atas bumi balik.
siap tanye imam , " pak imam  , meh biar saya sambung majlis yer ... yang pasal taklik semua tu biar saya yang terangkan yer "
tu yang dok berebut mic ngan pak imam tu...
ni dah selesai dah ,
tengah membaca taklik ...
dengar baik2 yer biniku..
inilah janji ku...

p/s - pak imam , biler plak free... rase nak skali lagi la....

thank you mak andam

* photos taken from my beloved sist blog site

i would like to thank my beloved sist and bro , kak red n sirman for coming all the way ,
driving all night long to attend our beautiful wedding
thank you sirman for being the driver n cameraman for the day
tq kak red for being the mak andam and being the cik kiah the kepoh for the day...

i promise i'll pay back all ur good deeds when u get married again! oopppsss... sirman.. ssssuuuhhhhhh!

akak... jom lunch.. adik datang ni... Dome jom!

Monday, December 20, 2010

she asked me....

my wife asked me ...
" kanda ... do u have any regret marrying me? "
I promptly answered  , " nope "
" u sure? " she added....
" no doubt  , why should i?  " i replied

" Well , i'm not the prettiest girl  , not the rich type ... I'm not perfect kanda " said her....
" i know ..." i said with a big smile on my face...
" aaaaaabbbaaannngggg!!! "  ... well she was a bit pissed with my answer this time ....
" Darling ... u may not be the perfect girl  , and honestly i'm not looking for the most perfect girl on earth " i said ..
" i love u the way u are , being perfect does not guarantee u happiness , being a beauty queen does not give u all the joy in the world.. When i'm with u , i am happy  and that make u perfect for me and i'm thankful to God "
and she smiled ... tak putus putus...

until i mentioned...

"butang baju melayu aku mane pahhhh "
and her face was all red and angry again....

Sunday, December 19, 2010

i'm not single !

a few photos from our wedding yesterday.
more to come!

alhamdulillah ...

Thank you Allah.
All being said n done.

I m now a married man, finally.
So, no more question.. " When r getting married , doc?! "
Next will come " doc, bile nak dapat anak?"
It will be a never ending story.

Anyway, the wedding ceremony @ my wife house was held yesterday, the weather was wonderful, a cheerful event , lots of people... Lots of wedding gifts.. Thank you all..

Unfortunately, no wedding photo yet.. Coming out soon. Currently me is still busy with shooting!.

Yes, the most tiring part of the wedding is the photoshot session. Yes, it was very exhausting. No wonder most people only get wedding once. :p

Nevertheless. I had a wonderful time, and looking foward for a great married life ahead :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

seriously??? owh my God

thank you everyone for all the well wishes
i'm back to life again
running and kicking
lost a few kilos
but it's for the best!
the photo above was taken before my sickness struck

i was watching the news on tv1 just now
they were talking about the increasing cost of living
and how to deal with it

well the most logical idea would be to increase the salary for the government workers
then the private sectors would follow

but the people up there didnt agree with that idea
which explain why we still earning the same amount of salary as the time when the petrol cost rm 1.20 per liter

the people up there said, increasing the salary wont help the people ( seriously? )
would only cost inflation...
if you all ( us , the government servants ) wants more money - increase salary , or bonus
we must increase productivity

well, it makes sense
but everytime , everyday in news, in paper , the people up there said our economy is booming
felda is not bankrupt , the productivity increased , the national gold reserved is in record high...
then please define properly " increase productivity"

as for us , doctors,
i work in Intensive care unit
we treat patient the best we could
as fast as possible
the icu beds were hardly empty,
there were always cases which need icu care

so, what can we do to increase productivity?
reduce amount of sick people?
reduce icu bed?
reduce amount of doctors and staff nurses?
use cheap medication?
buy fake antibiotic from china?
that would only cause more suffering to the people...

Friday, December 10, 2010

the true story of my sickness

 truth is ,
i was sick for about a week already before i decided to present myself to the physician
yes , i'm a doctor myself,
but when i am sick, i need someone else to treat me.

hence, currently i'm warded at perdana specialist hospital
treated for typhoid fever.
yes, it's embarrassing to be diagnoses as typhoid fever in this new world.
because the fever is transmitted via fecal - oral transmission
or in other word - i ate shit.
shame on me
of all people i should have known better
what is typhoid fever?
it's called demam kepialu in bahasa malaysia
caused by bacteria , it lives in the feces ( shit)
i honestly unsure where do i get the bacteria from
it could be from my patients in ward
or from the hawker foods i ve been eating lately

nonetheless , i'll  staying away from hawker food after this
and always washed my hand at work!

what are the symptoms and sign of typhoid?

well , i developed fever for about a week ago..
followed by loose stool ( berak cair )
then , i started to get severe headache...
and i felt tired and malaise all the time...

at the time , i didnt suspect anything,
i thought i was working too hard
hence caused me a little fever and headache
i just took paracetamol
... but to no avail,

about 3 days ago ,
when i was oncall at the hospital
the symptom got worse
i felt very tired
very severe headache
then i started to have watery stool instead of loose stool..
chills and rigors follow..
very bad fever...
i cant eat..
i cant drink..
i cant think
my head was spinning
i was delirious
i was calm at times... then i became so irritated...

i told my colleague about my condition
my senior advised me to be admitted.
i went back home ,
took my stuffs
and admitted myself to the hospital

so here i am...
rehydrating with iv drips
countless bottles of saline with dextrose
and rocerphine infusion

thank Allah..
i'm getting better ....
just waiting for my antibiotic doses to be completed
and i'll be up and running again!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

i'm sick

i'm sick...
currently admitted to perdana specialist center
losing 3 kg in 2 days..
even trying to write this post give me severe headache

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

conveying the truth

one of the most difficult part of being a doctor ,
is telling the bad prognosis to the patient or to their relative

i really hate that part where u have to tell the family member :-
" we did the best we could  , but he's not responding well... and there's nothing more we could do ...."

i hated the part when the patient only come to the hospital during the terminal stage of the illness
it's sort of malay culture , they will seek treatment from bomoh ...
until the bomoh said ..." this is beyond my magic power ... the other side black magic is stronger "
then they will turn up at the emergency department - unconcious

by the time they decided to see the doctor ,
they usually came with multi organ failure,
then the doctor also has nothing much to offer ....

Monday, December 06, 2010


to be successful in life
u need more than being hardworking and correct attitude
u need support from others too

u could be success by your own , but it will take forever ,
and without other people help and support ,
it's very hard to be very successful in life

to have other people support and help
u must be ready to listen to other people advice
and u must be ready to make changes on you

successful people have gone thru a lot to be on the top of the piramid
they have gone thru ... ups and downs
therefore , it would be wiser if we learn from them
not making the same mistakes , and follow the steps of being successful!

i'm so lucky,
so far i always have mentors in my life
back in moscow i have my mentor who thought me a lot about being a person
he was a role model for me
he made me the man i am rite now
i'm thankful to him  ,
i was a naive kid back then , still learning on how to live
he was a great teacher

now ,
i'm back in malaysia
i have a new mentor
a good fren, a brother
he wants me to be more successful than i am rite now
he saw the potential in me
he said i'm still young.. still have a lot to learn
he said i'm a doctor , but not a successful doctor yet
he wants me to be the best doctor
he wants me to be the most successful doctor
therefore i need to work harder
need to be smarter

and one day , my dream of driving my own ferrari will be a true story
he told me he wants me to be as successful as he is right now
he has faith in me

Sunday, December 05, 2010

i'm getting married

many doesn't believe it
a lot of people thought i was kidding
most of them just cant believe it
yes , i am getting married

the "akad" will be in Muar Johor on the 18 december 2010
and the reception at the shida's side will be on the same day

for my reception,
it will be held on 25 december 2010
yes  , many merry x mas for me this year
many many gift i pray for!

when i told my fren i'm getting married....
most of them just laugh ...
the replies were ..

... " dude ... are u for real ?
.... " bro , do u need a talian hayat ? do u need to talk ?
... .. taman buaya dah kene tutup ke bro? habis la .. xde dah peninggalan dinasour kat muka bumi ni.
....getting married ? u must be kidding me ...
.... u ? married? are we living on Mars already?
... there goes the legendary dr han....

and a lot more
but i dont care
it's about time
it's the rite time
i love her ,
and that's all matter
u all are invited for the wonderful ceremonies on both side
see u!