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Monday, December 13, 2010

seriously??? owh my God

thank you everyone for all the well wishes
i'm back to life again
running and kicking
lost a few kilos
but it's for the best!
the photo above was taken before my sickness struck

i was watching the news on tv1 just now
they were talking about the increasing cost of living
and how to deal with it

well the most logical idea would be to increase the salary for the government workers
then the private sectors would follow

but the people up there didnt agree with that idea
which explain why we still earning the same amount of salary as the time when the petrol cost rm 1.20 per liter

the people up there said, increasing the salary wont help the people ( seriously? )
would only cost inflation...
if you all ( us , the government servants ) wants more money - increase salary , or bonus
we must increase productivity

well, it makes sense
but everytime , everyday in news, in paper , the people up there said our economy is booming
felda is not bankrupt , the productivity increased , the national gold reserved is in record high...
then please define properly " increase productivity"

as for us , doctors,
i work in Intensive care unit
we treat patient the best we could
as fast as possible
the icu beds were hardly empty,
there were always cases which need icu care

so, what can we do to increase productivity?
reduce amount of sick people?
reduce icu bed?
reduce amount of doctors and staff nurses?
use cheap medication?
buy fake antibiotic from china?
that would only cause more suffering to the people...

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