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Monday, December 06, 2010


to be successful in life
u need more than being hardworking and correct attitude
u need support from others too

u could be success by your own , but it will take forever ,
and without other people help and support ,
it's very hard to be very successful in life

to have other people support and help
u must be ready to listen to other people advice
and u must be ready to make changes on you

successful people have gone thru a lot to be on the top of the piramid
they have gone thru ... ups and downs
therefore , it would be wiser if we learn from them
not making the same mistakes , and follow the steps of being successful!

i'm so lucky,
so far i always have mentors in my life
back in moscow i have my mentor who thought me a lot about being a person
he was a role model for me
he made me the man i am rite now
i'm thankful to him  ,
i was a naive kid back then , still learning on how to live
he was a great teacher

now ,
i'm back in malaysia
i have a new mentor
a good fren, a brother
he wants me to be more successful than i am rite now
he saw the potential in me
he said i'm still young.. still have a lot to learn
he said i'm a doctor , but not a successful doctor yet
he wants me to be the best doctor
he wants me to be the most successful doctor
therefore i need to work harder
need to be smarter

and one day , my dream of driving my own ferrari will be a true story
he told me he wants me to be as successful as he is right now
he has faith in me

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