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Friday, December 10, 2010

the true story of my sickness

 truth is ,
i was sick for about a week already before i decided to present myself to the physician
yes , i'm a doctor myself,
but when i am sick, i need someone else to treat me.

hence, currently i'm warded at perdana specialist hospital
treated for typhoid fever.
yes, it's embarrassing to be diagnoses as typhoid fever in this new world.
because the fever is transmitted via fecal - oral transmission
or in other word - i ate shit.
shame on me
of all people i should have known better
what is typhoid fever?
it's called demam kepialu in bahasa malaysia
caused by bacteria , it lives in the feces ( shit)
i honestly unsure where do i get the bacteria from
it could be from my patients in ward
or from the hawker foods i ve been eating lately

nonetheless , i'll  staying away from hawker food after this
and always washed my hand at work!

what are the symptoms and sign of typhoid?

well , i developed fever for about a week ago..
followed by loose stool ( berak cair )
then , i started to get severe headache...
and i felt tired and malaise all the time...

at the time , i didnt suspect anything,
i thought i was working too hard
hence caused me a little fever and headache
i just took paracetamol
... but to no avail,

about 3 days ago ,
when i was oncall at the hospital
the symptom got worse
i felt very tired
very severe headache
then i started to have watery stool instead of loose stool..
chills and rigors follow..
very bad fever...
i cant eat..
i cant drink..
i cant think
my head was spinning
i was delirious
i was calm at times... then i became so irritated...

i told my colleague about my condition
my senior advised me to be admitted.
i went back home ,
took my stuffs
and admitted myself to the hospital

so here i am...
rehydrating with iv drips
countless bottles of saline with dextrose
and rocerphine infusion

thank Allah..
i'm getting better ....
just waiting for my antibiotic doses to be completed
and i'll be up and running again!


LayarLara said...

get well soon doc

-ini diary saye- said...

get enough rest... cepat sembuh doktor...

Mrs.Sheikh said...

get well soon nan.
next week dah big day kann :)

farhana said...

Doc is human too...
Get well soon Dr =)

gadis semalam said...

malaise: letih lesu..