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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

thank you mak andam

* photos taken from my beloved sist blog site

i would like to thank my beloved sist and bro , kak red n sirman for coming all the way ,
driving all night long to attend our beautiful wedding
thank you sirman for being the driver n cameraman for the day
tq kak red for being the mak andam and being the cik kiah the kepoh for the day...

i promise i'll pay back all ur good deeds when u get married again! oopppsss... sirman.. ssssuuuhhhhhh!

akak... jom lunch.. adik datang ni... Dome jom!


honey amour said...

congrats !!!

Syazwan Zahari said...

ceh~ mak andam je... pengapit x puji pun.. hampagas sungguh~ ^_^

@rep said...

wah.. kad red in blue...

btw congrats again doc