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Sunday, December 19, 2010

alhamdulillah ...

Thank you Allah.
All being said n done.

I m now a married man, finally.
So, no more question.. " When r getting married , doc?! "
Next will come " doc, bile nak dapat anak?"
It will be a never ending story.

Anyway, the wedding ceremony @ my wife house was held yesterday, the weather was wonderful, a cheerful event , lots of people... Lots of wedding gifts.. Thank you all..

Unfortunately, no wedding photo yet.. Coming out soon. Currently me is still busy with shooting!.

Yes, the most tiring part of the wedding is the photoshot session. Yes, it was very exhausting. No wonder most people only get wedding once. :p

Nevertheless. I had a wonderful time, and looking foward for a great married life ahead :)


far_east said...

conratz doc...

Wahidah said...

tahniah han...selamat pengantin baru

wénkt said...

bukan ke korang dah bosan amik gambar sama2. lalala

tahniah dr hans & dr shida. dari dato wenkt! hahaha

mrs.irwan 2 be said...

congratulations...welcome 2 d club..:)

Anggerek said...

congratulation nan :)

J.M.R said...

Tahniah bro..nikoh doh ek..:-)