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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

my best men

one of the main component in a successful wedding is a good best man
in my case , i had 2 of them
y do i need 2 best men?
coz being a best man is a very tiring job!
honestly , it's not an easy task as well.

u need to be good looking ,
but u need to be less handsome than the bridegroom ( oppsss )
u need to be smiling all day long
u have to be tough , to be standing and "fanning" the " raja sehari" under the hot shining sun...
and u must know the etiquette

my best men were Dr hafiz rizal n syazwan zahari
both were still single and very much available

Dr Hafiz rizal drove me all the way from kelantan ,
and he was sitting next to me during the akad nikah ,
calming me down ...
read all kind of prayers to make sure i said the akad in one full sentence successfully.

my second best man was Mr Syazwan zahari
my long old best fren
we knew each other inside out
but pity him , still couldnt find the rite gurl yet
he has everything , a nice car , a big house , a great job
one thing lacking was a wonderful wife
so , ladies out there , he's up for grab ya.
he was my pengapit during the " persandingan"
and during makan beradab
apparently , that was his 27th time being a best man

definitely, his time is up..
next wedding must be his turn.
i pray for the best for him and dr hafiz rizal!


shaifulzaman said...

less handsome than the bridegroom lah, bukan bride....heeeee

betty said...

mengikut kepercayaan org.. jadi pengapit buat kite kawin lambat.. kesahihan nye xtau la.. tp a few of my friends who are already engaged and have a boyfriend become single back after being a pengapit.. huhu.. dun know la kan??

Gia said...


30 hari mencari & mengenali cinta.. said...


az said...

send my regards to your mr syazwan. am daring enuff to pass my email add.

p/s:am just bloghopping =)

az said...


Wahidah said...
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Wahidah said...

pi blog kak nor pun dok promote ur bestmen..:)

anyhow i pray both of them met their soulmate as i a,so pray for myself the same...

can't wait to see ur official weds pics..:)

Hannan said...

nak kene mintak permission dr hafiz n syazwan nak letak no phone diorang kat sini senang sket

ciriT said...

hmm,,syazwan ni senior sesma aku nih rasanya,,

mNa said...

rasanya syazwan tu da nak kawin dgn my junior kt UTEM

Anonymous said...

eh..i pong still single jugok...
(promote secara undercover).