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Monday, March 28, 2011

sakit ke ambik air tulang belakang....

one of the reason i have been gaining weight lately - i have been eating a lot...
i have not been to the gym...
more fat intake.... less fat burned....

back to the spinal puncture issue..
yes it's painful...
almost all medical procedure is painful .
a simple blood taking is painful

nevertheless ,
as i said before..
again and again..
the pain is minimized  , if the correct method is applied by doctor who is performing the procedure

before we do the spinal puncture,
we give adequate local anaesthesia at the puncture site
hence ,
when the spinal needle is inserted ,
patient will feel minimal pain.

so , again ,
i state here ,
a correctly done spinal puncture is safe , and minimally painful

Sunday, March 27, 2011

ambik air tulang belakang????

a reader asked me to write about spinal puncture to take the cerebrospinal fluid sample...
so here it goes...

it becomes a big issue in our civilization in Malaysia.... spinal puncture - in view of general perception is so dangerous and will result in non reversible complication such as hemiplegia ( lumpuh )
which i totally disagree with.....

honestly , spinal puncture is not dangerous at all , if performed by a qualified doctors ( actually all doctors should be able to do it!  )
it's almost  no complication at all if performed in the correct way.

usually , doctors will ask for permission from the patient him/herself or the family member , before doing spinal puncture to take the cerebrospinal fluid ( CSF )
at most times , the CSF sample , is a vital part to get the final diagnosis in cases involving the infection at the center nervous system ... such as meningitis .... or infrequently tb spine...

i dont know where does the public get their source of information ... the public believe that spinal puncture is always associated with complication such as hemiplegia ( lumpuh ) ....
that will be the first question asked by family member when we asked for permission to do spinal puncture
so here me out here.... that is nonesence information and totally false about spinal puncture...

me myself , as an anaesthetist , i do spinal puncture almost everyday ..
when i give spinal anaesthesia for my patients who went for op ..
i did the same thing... the spinal puncture , then i could administer the heavy marcaine inside the spinal space..
it's the same procedure...
and thank you Allah ... so far none of patient become lumpuh!
so does my other colleague..

hence... please .. tell everyone..
a correctly performed spinal puncture will NOT cause penyakit lumpuh!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

More input, less output....

" Hannan, what the heck happened to u?
U gained weight! At least 10kg I reckon!
Said a fren to me....

Then at the gym...

" haven't seen u for quite a while, sorry to ask, but u looked like u gained some weight, what happened?"

Well, truth is, I am fat !!!!
Damnnnn ,
This is my fattest moment in my entire life
Been gaining a lot of weight after I got the title - hubby!
Definitely not my wife to be blame!
I got lazy and ate a lot!

Have not been going to the gym since the wedding ceremony
I eat a lot,
No bloody exercise..
And here I am,
Rumbling about my body fat excess.
Something need to be done urgently
Before thing got worse
I believe my condition is still salvageable

If not, i ll be wasting a lot of money
Can't wear my fancy cloth
My designer shirts and pants
My tailored made suit
We are talking about a lot of money here...
Not ready to part way with armani and Calvin klien yet
Not ready to say good bye to Tommy hilfiger
I ll be back...
For the time being, u ll be resting in the closet...
Time for playdate with Nike and adidas!!!

And speedo!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i'm so tired

jerawat di atas hidungku... apakah ade maksud tersirat?

.... xdeeeenyeee...!
my wife got the credit for that
we went for facial the other day
me .. not a big fan of facial..
it's so painful when the squeze the black head and white head
i cried each time the spa lady did that to me...
so damn scary
and after my previous session ...
i got this big acne scar as souvenier.
not a big fan of it..
go away please..

Sunday, March 20, 2011

pULaPOL ... the rumour has it..

our nation was shocked the other by the sudden onset of epidemic infection of adenovirus at the PULAPOL ,
and it came to worst state when one of the trainee died because of the illness

adenovirus ... it's a virus infection..
it could effect our respiratory , gastrointenstinal ... and eventually could cause multiorgan failure and death is the final answer in unfortunate case...
it's not a new virus
it has been around for thousand year

"unfortunately it striked the PULAPOL ...
i felt sorry for those infected ...
and to the family of the dead ... my condolence..

nonetheless  , the was a rumour about the incident
why did the PULAPOL of all places got strucked by the disease...

remember few weeks ago ..
million of people were forced to pay their traffic summons..
some had to pay thousand of ringgits...
and not all people have the money to pay thousand of ringgits
just to pay the summons...

me myself had to pay quite a big sum as well

hence , when the "rakyat" have to sell the jewerly ,,
orang kampung kene jual kambing lembu utk bayar saman..
then people start to curse the police ...
and all these curses to the polices...
became a reality ...

maybe some people who had to sell their belonging just to pay the summons..
they mentioned in their prayers...
and somehow... ( doa orang teraniya akan di makbul Tuhan )
God heard the prayer...
and the police in PULAPOL got the end result from the suffering of the rakyat...

well.. that is just a rumour...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

smokers , u r screwed!

another plain day at work ...

i was at a medical ward , a case was referred to me...
an elderly , having severe cough and worsening shortness of breath...
i looked at the chest x ray,
then i promptly asked him 
"pakcik , hisap rokok dulu kan? "
but quickly the wife answered " iskh mano ado doktor! laki saya x isap rokok ..."
" ho lah ... ayoh x isap rokok la doktor  ..... main tuduh jah " added the obese daughter ....
i smile and I looked at the old "pakcik "...
" adik , mak cik , saya tau la pak cik isap rokok " i replied ....
then i showed them the x ray . ...
" saya tengok x ray ni saya tau pok cik ni perokok"...

after a short pause of awkward moment , 
the mak cik said " ho lah ... dulu pak cik isap rokok... tapi 2 tahun doh berhenti "
" hooh... ayoh lamo doh x isap rokok " again that fat daugther added .... she's so annoying...

" mmmm... mok cik , pok cik ni baru berhenti setahun.. tapi dio start isap rokok umur brapo? " i asked ...
" lamo doh doktor pok cik isap rokok ... sejak umur 15 tahun lagi..." finally the pakcik uttered a word of his own....
" hoh, tengok tu... kalu start isap umur 15 , lo nih umur 75 .... bukan  dah dekat 60 tahun pok cik isap rokok ke? " i said ....
"tapi setahun doh x isap " that ugly daughter still want to argue....

ladies and gentleman...
here is the ugly truth...
the damaged to ur lungs caused by smoking is NON REVERSIBLE...
meaning if u smoked for more than 3 months...a pack per day ...
u already screwed ur lungs...
hence , it will eventually developed an illness called the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease...

so how do u know when u get the illness?
u'll come to hospital complaining of chronic cough.. 
plus shortness of breath....
and if not treated properly.. could simply cause death.

 so some would think..
" i have been smoking for a long time , i'll die anyway once my lungs are completely destroyed by the smoke... why should i stop? "

yes u r right.. ur life may be over..
but please think about other people around you...

ur wife, ur kids, ur parents...

those who lives with smokers and frequently inhaled the smoke from the cigarette smoked by ur husband or parents...
u 'll get the same illness as if u are the smokers...

something to think about rite?

p/s  - no offence to my friends who smoke ... u guys rock! rock the world!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

my mom illness......

First , I would like to thanks everyone for all the warm wishes to my mom ,
currently she's getting better , speedy recovery , thank you Allah

A lot has been asking what was my mom illness ,
occay , she got this disease called the degenerative disc disease ...
what happened is , the disc between her spine - lumbar bones , lost its funtion
the disc is supposed to be the cushions between the spine bones ,
however in my mother case , the disc is " corrupted "
due to ... well , let me put it this way ,
my mom works hard day and night to raise her kids ,
working everyday as a teacher , and also as housewife...
had taken it's toll on her...
the pressure was too much ,
and the disc cannot bear the pressure on the lumbar...
hence , it's herniated / potrude...
eventually , as the pressure on the disc worsen everyday ,
it herniated inside ..
and hit the nerve ..
which cause the symptoms  ... painful during walking  ( back pain and also pain at the lower limbs)..
and worse , cause numbness to the lower limb
it's typical in elderly people..
more common in elderly ladies
and my mom is on of it casualty
the pain worsening during standing  , walking .. and worst when u bend down
it's relieved by resting ...
and eventually , 
u'll need surgery to release the pain..

So, yes, eventually my mom opted for surgical intervention
as she cant bear the pain anymore
she undergo discectomy and decompression for her lumbar stenosis last tuesday
it was a succesful operation, everything went well
currently she's recovering ,
but still warded..
cant wait to see my mom walks again....

there he goes , gugurnya seorang perwira

there he goes ...
my best friend .... finally engaged to his other half , miss Ellina
u did it
welcome to the real world..

it's a happy day for me to see my friend move another step foward to "get older"
and it's a sad day too  , gugurnya seorang perwira
well , the days are over dude...
time for the younger generation to take over the "jobs" and the "title" - if u know what i mean

i'm so sorry i couldnt make it as my mom is still warded after her spine surgery few days ago

anyway dude , congratulation again and i'm looking foward to ur wedding day
u guys are such a perfect couple!

Friday, March 11, 2011

alhamdulillah... , the operation went well

thank you Allah,
my mom surgery went well.
my mom was diagnosed with multiple level lumbar stenosis
and she undergone the decompression and discectomy operation last tuesday

... currently she's recovering very well.
i would like to thank everyone involved in the surgery
the spine surgeon and his team , thank you Mr Ahmad Sabri ,
the anaesthetist , which is my boss , Dr Nazri Ali , Dr Shini and Dr Raihan...
thank you guys ,
and of course the staff nurses

i'm so glad everything went well.
My mom is still warded ,
maybe she'll there for another few days ,
but that was the least of my concern
i just want my mom to be back healthy again.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

My mom is on the operating table

Currently ,
Never in my life I feel so scared and stressful. My mom is currently on the operating table, undergoing a spine surgery.
I m lucky coZ the surgery is done @ the it I work at. Hence I could stay by her side thru out the surgery
But I couldn't.
My eyes burst to tears each time I glanced inside the operating theater.
Just praying that everything will be just fine

Sunday, March 06, 2011

yus muslim

to yus muslim..
i dont know who u are,
coz ur name appear to be invinsible for some reason
whatever it is...
i dont care

not sure if u r a doctor , or  a medical student...
but ur words doesnt seem to be that u had encounter the real problem

i had my experience with needle prick incident with HIV positive patient
luckily i was just a witness..
but the amout of paperwork i had to do , was a lot
and my fren who got the needle prick from that drug users...
he got depressed..
he cant work , cant eat
he lost his life...
cant blame him...
not sure if yus muslim understand it

another experience with needle prick victim.
i met a senior medical officer
he's chinese
he got the needle prick incident as well...
and he got the virus.. yes yus muslim..
the hiv virus...
his wife left him
the children left him..
and he cant work anymore because of it
so yus muslim..
r u the one who gonna compensate his lost????
for all i know , he was  a good guy
an honest doctor
and yet, this happened to him...

if yus muslim is a doctor, she should understand

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

congratulation my dear fren

my best fren is finally getting married .. soon..
anyway , i'm so happy for him..
congratulation to Mr Syazwan Zahari ...
soon , u will become a real man ...
with a life sentence of marriage..
no way out..

unfortunately I wont be able to attend his engagement day
i felt so bad about it
but when can I do
my mom is going to be operated at about the same date
hence, i have to stay home and take care of my mother
no hard feeling k bro!
i'll be there for ur wedding for sure  :)

yes , my mom will undergo an operation next week ,
a spine operation...
it's a major operation
i just pray to Allah everything will be just fine

as a doctor myself,
i know the risk of operation
i know the possibilities,
and it does scare me at times
but then , this is what best for my mom

her pain is unbearable anymore
i hope this operation will take that away
i'm just glad that she'll be operated at my hospital
well , not really my hospital , the hospital i worked at
so happened i'm a medical officer at the anaesthesia department
i could be there for my mom from the start of operation until the end

as much as my mom has been there for me
i'll do my best for her

LOVE u mom