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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i'm so tired

jerawat di atas hidungku... apakah ade maksud tersirat?

.... xdeeeenyeee...!
my wife got the credit for that
we went for facial the other day
me .. not a big fan of facial..
it's so painful when the squeze the black head and white head
i cried each time the spa lady did that to me...
so damn scary
and after my previous session ...
i got this big acne scar as souvenier.
not a big fan of it..
go away please..


Muhamad Ridzuan said...

haha....biasa la tu doc...perbanyakkan wat facial selalu..hehe

Mummy Hanny said...

errr...kalau sakit masa picit tu maknanya your skin is dehydrated. kalau cukup hydration kompem tak sakit!

farhana said...

I had bad experience with facial.
So, i never do it again.