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Saturday, March 26, 2011

More input, less output....

" Hannan, what the heck happened to u?
U gained weight! At least 10kg I reckon!
Said a fren to me....

Then at the gym...

" haven't seen u for quite a while, sorry to ask, but u looked like u gained some weight, what happened?"

Well, truth is, I am fat !!!!
Damnnnn ,
This is my fattest moment in my entire life
Been gaining a lot of weight after I got the title - hubby!
Definitely not my wife to be blame!
I got lazy and ate a lot!

Have not been going to the gym since the wedding ceremony
I eat a lot,
No bloody exercise..
And here I am,
Rumbling about my body fat excess.
Something need to be done urgently
Before thing got worse
I believe my condition is still salvageable

If not, i ll be wasting a lot of money
Can't wear my fancy cloth
My designer shirts and pants
My tailored made suit
We are talking about a lot of money here...
Not ready to part way with armani and Calvin klien yet
Not ready to say good bye to Tommy hilfiger
I ll be back...
For the time being, u ll be resting in the closet...
Time for playdate with Nike and adidas!!!

And speedo!


farmee said...

hahahaha this is so funny lmao hehehhe lollzzzz... thank u for remonding me too hehehehe well i wish u all the best n good luck.....

farmee said...

not remonding but reminding,,,hahhahaa