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Friday, March 11, 2011

alhamdulillah... , the operation went well

thank you Allah,
my mom surgery went well.
my mom was diagnosed with multiple level lumbar stenosis
and she undergone the decompression and discectomy operation last tuesday

... currently she's recovering very well.
i would like to thank everyone involved in the surgery
the spine surgeon and his team , thank you Mr Ahmad Sabri ,
the anaesthetist , which is my boss , Dr Nazri Ali , Dr Shini and Dr Raihan...
thank you guys ,
and of course the staff nurses

i'm so glad everything went well.
My mom is still warded ,
maybe she'll there for another few days ,
but that was the least of my concern
i just want my mom to be back healthy again.


encikReza said...


betty said...

alhamdulillah... hopefully will recover faster and has a good life soon..

Engku Artini said...

alhamd. moga cepat sihat.

Latifah said...

Dr Han, my mum had also been diagnosed with stenosis way back in the early 2000 and is now suffering badly. surgery are not recommended coz of her age. D doa dr's mum get back her health coz its really frustrating seeing mum in pain all d time but there's nothing much u cud do 2 help.