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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Bday Abg Mie

Happy 30th bday to my dearest brother- Sukyme! He's the eldest in the family. The no 1 of the 5 boys. Yeah, we are also known as nsync - which in this case , I'm Justin timberlake !
Hencefoward , I would like to wish my bro- Happy birthday, wish u the best health, successful business and all the happiness in the world!

The blueberry cake was sponsored by mama :) thanks mama!

I missed my school reunion "bukak puasa" event becoz I stayed home to celebrate my brother birthday. Yesterday bukak puasa dinner also was the first time after 6 years - the dinner table is completed with all family member. I nearly dropped my tears becoz I was too happy to see everyone in the family , sitting together after all this years! Such a wonderful feeling :)

To my schoolmates, I'm deeply sorry I wasnt able to attend the event. Hopefully next time I'll be able to make it!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Raya Preparation :)

Today "to do list" - dental checp up! Since my cousin is a dentist , I just made my dental appointment 5 minutes before I arrived at the clinic. Thanks to Dr Nazuha ( in blue )

Getting my teeth ready for Hari Raya! Yeah.... I asked my cousin should I wear the tooth braces ? She said no need, my teeth is in good condition.
Frankly, I hate to see the dentist :) Yeah, not very keen of opening my mouth while the dentist drilling stuff inside it. But since the dentist is my cousin, I just gave it a try today and after the treatment - I reckon I wont be coming back to the dental clinic anytime soon :P

So, my raya check list
- dental ->done
- facial -> done
- manicure+pedicure -> done
- hairdo -> done
- baju raya -> ouccchhhh!!!! a little hiccup here , ermmm...

Salam Perantauan

Saya, Basirah Armain dari Inha University, Incheon, South Korea pelajar jurusan Information & Computer Engineering tahun 3 ingin memohon ampun dan maaf kepada family yg berada di Shah Alam,sanak saudara, para guru2 dan cikgu, sahabat2 yang mengenali dan rakan2 taulan tak kira di mana jua anda berada.Harap doakan kesejahteraan dan kecemerlangan di sini supaya tahun tahun depan insya Allah dapat beraya di Malaysia pula! @basirah armain

:) - sape2 nak letak salam aidilfitri or salam perantauan , bole email gambar n ucapan kat kite k. Sempat lagi, ade lagi 2-3 hari ni! Selamat Hari Raya Semua!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Bday Elyn

A very Happy Birthday to my beloved sister - ELyn. YEs, it's her birthday today, her sweet seventeen ( somewhere around there :P ) Unfortunately for her, I wasnt there to give her a superb birthday bash. Nevertheless, I prepared for her lots of bday gift. Me and Shida already gave her enuf bday present - at least for the next 10 years.

To our dearest Elyn , Happy birthday :) Wishing u all the happiness in the world and may all ur dreams come true!

P/s - jangan menangis di hari raya nanti ek dear. Dont forget to call abg n kak shida :) Lots of love from us in malaysia.

i can feel it in the air

Hari Raya is just a few days away, I could feel it coming! This year raya gonna such a bomb for me. After 6 year celebrating hari raya in such a special way in moscow - finally , I'm back home to celebrate the real hari raya. It's damn good to be home. No doubt about it.
Earlier today , I went out to hang out with my frens while doing last minute shopping. Well, actually, there was nothing much to shop for me - just some food stuff , preparing for the raya thingy. So happened, I met my junior when I was in Faris Petra. Effa ( wearing black ) she was in form 1 when I was in form 5 at the secondary school.

As usual, zak is the regular in my blog. My loyal hang out mate in Kelantan. Since we are both in the same boat , we do enjoy each other company :P

Anyway, the traffic in kelantan is getting worse as the raya is just around the corner. More and more people are coming back home. I dont think I'll be going anywhere tomorrow coz I reckon tmrw will the the worst! I'll just stay home and make biskut raya!

To those who are driving back to their "kampung halaman" - drive safely. Remember that ur lifes , do matter to other ppl around u. And also the bank, they are gonna miss u a lot to... the ah long, the ceti... these ppl will always remember u :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Salam Perantauan

"Saya, aina mardiyah jeffery yang kini menuntut di University Collage Cork Ireland - ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri kepada keluarga saya di kampung, guru ,kawan2 sepermainan dan seluruh rakyat Malaysia amnya- maaf zahir dan batin "

Sorry ek cik aina, hang menangis la setahun lagi kat oversea tu. Beta dah cukup dah :P

Well, currently our future Dr here -is also looking for the Mr RIGHT :) X gitu aina? I have a couple of candidates for her to select from.... ranging from a specialist doctor i.e Dr Rizhan or worst case scenario being the third or fourth wife to any tan sri or dato :P

Hencefoward - any single, rich, good looking, well mannered , tall, charming prince out there , please send ur resume to me or u could contact aina at her own blog at or go to her friendster.

Unfortunately for me and also for her - my blog are not that famous among guys. Most of my readers are females. No complain thou. Nevertheless, for the sake of our beloved fren here , future Dr Aina - just spread the words to ur male/guys fren that there's a new hot catch in the city and she's for REAL!

Friday, September 26, 2008

LGTC charity drive

I joined the lancer GT club when I bought my VLV. Via this club. I learned a lot about VLV and the members are really friendly to each other. The LGTC has been doing the charity drive , collecting money from the member all over malaysia to be given to the less fortunate. I was so honoured to be apart of them.
Today, the LGTC club decided to donate some of the money collected to the orphanage in Kota Bharu. Located at the Dusun Raja, somewhere near Tanjung Mas kota bharu , this "Rumah anak yatim needed the money to built the classroom and the hostel for the less fortunate kids.
They needed around RM 1.8 million to buy the land and for the construction. Of course , we didnt have that much money, but we did manage to help out a little. 8 of us went to the orphanage today as the representatives of LGTC.
I'm so honoured to a part of a club which very active in charity event. Today was once of many LGTC charity activity.
These are kids who need the help. Some of them never know who their real parents. Never have a family dinner. Now, they live in a shabby cottage. Really pity them. Hopefully, more and more people will come out and help them out.
Mr Rodi, writing the check to be given to the orphange

Yours truly and cikgu pie, members of LGTC :)

It's HOT

It was so damn hot today. I literally mean it. I reckon the temperature outside the house was about 38 degree at noon. I turned on the aircond plus the fan at the same time. Didnt even dare to go out! Rumours said that , due to sudden increase of population in kelantan caused the rised temperature. Yeah, the raya holiday is coming and kelantan is definitely the place to be for Hari Raya. More cars on the road now , everyone is back home.
I've been receiving quite a few kad raya for the past few days. Thanks a lot everyone who sent me the card raya. Really means a lot. Even the postman recognized me :) I'll ran out the house as soon as I heard the postman coming. One day he told me " Dude .. I think u r the most famous people around here, U've been getting a lot of letter lately! " Something like that , and I translated it to english. Definitely he spoke in kelantanese. Then I told him " well, as long as the letter are not from the police department ( speeding ticket ) - I'm a real lucky man :) , this year gonna be the best raya ever" Aminnnn to that !

happy friday everyone.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

lookin right back

" People get what they get, it has nothing to do with what they deserved! "

Just to tell you how cruel the world is. Doesnt mean u deserved something then u'll get it. Someone else who deserved nothing might end up with everything. Hence, be grateful of what u had and what u'll get. Sometimes - u just better off - staying near the bird rather than hoping that u'll grow ur own wings and fly...... But some ppl, have their own airplane. Life is never fair. Deal with it...

Just a little reminder for myself... :)

I'm bored !

Free Ride - KL to Kota Bharu

Goooood News for those who want to go back to kelantan this raya but have no bus ticket or no other way of going back home from Kuala Lumpur. A fren of mine is looking for free passengers :) to accompany him on the road from KL to KB. He's a fren of mine at the lancerGT club - meaning his will be driving his lancer back home. FREE ride with lancer from KL to KB. No kidding!

Here's is a copy of his special offer!

"ok guys....for those who cant go back due to no tickets to kota bharu this is very good news to u all....i am going back on monday nite or tuesday early morning to kota bharu ALONE...yes alone....i am offering this to club members those who wanna join my ride....if no one then its open to public....aiseyy i cant drive alone boring...

terms n condition applies...

1. no extra baggage....1 bag per lancer is not pick up truck

2. preferable male... if no male then i will have to accept female.

3. i will do only 1 pit stop ...gua musang or grik if use utara selatan highway

4. be on time whenever i said so....if u guys have time managemant prob pls forget it..

for time being thats my if anybody interested pls let me know....shorlisted candidates only will be notified...sebarang surat mail....kad raya (nak bodek)...tidak akan di layan sama sekali...SELAMAT HARI RAYA....

interested? email him at -

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the poll

If u noticed, on the right sidebar - I just added up a new poll. The poll is about what my readers want to read at my blog. Either the medical stuff, the matchmaking a.k.a pimping... hehehe.. or just about my plain daily life. Just want to know , which part my readers enjoy the most. I hope everyone could participate in this poll. That would means a lot to me :)
thank you in advance.


Mrs Sheikh requested me to make a special entry about this medicine - Cytotec :) Thanks to MrS Sheikh , I deeply reckon that this entry would be very beneficial to a lot of ladies out there. Hence I'll write in Malay just to be as clear as possible for everyone.

Pil cytotec ini merupakan brand name kepada ubat yg asalnya (generic name )bernama Misoprostol. Ade jugak company yg kasi nama ubat ni cytotic pill yg mcm mrs sheikh cakap tu. Ubat ini tergolong dalam kategori NSAID- non steroid anti inflammation drug. Misoprostol secara khususnya digunakan utk merawat penyakit ulcer perut.

< >
Ok, that's the boring part. Ni nak masuk bahagian yang menarik. MISOPROSTOL @cytotec ini bole menyebabkan cervical and vagina contraction. Erm , dalam bahasa melayu - ia boleh menyebabkan ... perempuan punye lubang tu terbukak.. hehe.. sorry! No kidding. Oleh yang demikian, Ubat ini dilarang utk wanita yang sedang mengandung. Sebabnya, ubat ini boleh menyebabkan keguguran. So, kalau ade perempuan yang makan ubat ni, pastikan anda tidak mengandung yer.

Misoprostol juga digunakan utk induce process melahirkan anak, digunakan secara off label di labour room sebab mengikut kajian cytotec lebih efektif berbanding oxytocin.

Misoprostol juga digunakan utk process menggugurkan anak. Apabila ubat ini induce uterine contraction - makin senang la nak kuarkan janin tu. Ubat ini digunakan secara haram oleh golongan2 miskin yang nak gugurkan secara haram. Ambik ubat ni secara overdose, pastu gi teran kat toilet. Senang. Tapi ingat, tu keje HARAM.... saya x ajar ek.

Side effect ubat ini - berak berdarah dan sakit perut. Ubat ini juga tidak boleh dimakan oleh wanita menyusukan anak. Bagi perempuan yang dah tamat haid aka expired - ubat ini bole menyebabkan vaginal bleeding.

Tapi, utk kaum lelaki, ubat ini boleh membantu process pengerasan ( paham2 la sendiri! ) - x tipu!

So, kesimpulan nya , kalau anda perempuan sakit gastric - cube dulu ubat gastric lain - cimetidine ker, ranitidine ke... kalau lelaki.. kite kasi laju2 sket! lawak jer :)

Happy Bday Teacher Rozie :)

We were invited by our beloved teacher rozie to attend her bday party - held at the school canteen last nite. Well, maybe not the best place in town , but it felt good to be back at my school, SMS Faris Petra - the place where I grew up, the place where I busted my ass day in day out.
Anyway, it was her 16+++ bday ( I couldnt be bothered to ask for the real age) , yeah that' s what I put on the cake. Sweet sixteen +++, no kidding. Since the rest were too busy working at the hospital, I was the only free gentleman - So, I do the honour of choosing the bday cake for the teacher. PLUS, I've been told I have a very good taste :) hahaha... funny as it is...

Dr Erina, Urs Truly, Dr Yusran and Dr Tarmizi. All the gents were FARISIAN. Dr erina from Naim Lilbanat. But since she worked together with Dr Yusran at HKB, we invited her to come along.
Zak was also present. Came a bit late but just in time to sing the bday song. Me n Dr Yusran were the earliest to reach. Yes, my time management is very good :P
Dr Yusran was very tired. He was on "ONCALL" the nite before. But he managed to join us regardless of his exhaution. Bravo. Dr Tarmizi is 2 years older than me and he's now a MO at HKB.

It was a good simple bday party. We enjoyed being there until late at nite. Would like to stay longer but everyone was tired including me and the rest need to work tomorrow. So, we left the school just before midnite.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Since my job as a pimp, has raised quite a few eyebrows - I'll just write about medical again. But , no worry -I'll be back with my bambino section. Definitely!!! HEhehe.. there are a lot of my frens out there, looking for mr and miss right , or mr or miss left. Whatever!
Guess who's next on my pimping list... :) Dr jugak rasenya... :p, x gitu Dr aina?
Occay, let's learn something beneficial today. In the photo above is the foot of a kid with a congenital deformation known as the ECTRODACTYLY or also known as the lobster claw syndrome. Kalau tengok betul2, jari2 tu x cukup, dan nampak macam tangan lobster tu.
I was watching the National geographic channel the other day and they were showing the documentary called TABOO -which they talked about ppl with this kind of syndrome. According to them , this rare cases happened to 1 in 90,000 newly borned babies. Which means, there are quite a numbers of ppl with this syndrome out there.

Since it's a congenital deformity, nothing much u could do about it. There is no definite cause of this disease. It's also said to be inherited. Should someone in the family has this deformity , well... the offspring might have the same condition. However , with the current technology in reconstructive surgery , the surgeons are able to fix this deformity.

Happy Bday Imah

A very happy birthday to my beloved niece , miss fatimah az-zahra :) Uncle hensem wishes u many2 success , a million happiness and lots of fun ! Well, time flew so fast. 6 years ago, when I was deparating for moscow for the first time , she was just a small baby. Look at her now, such a fine young lady.
This is the nissan sylphy. There's a story behind this car. What Story???
One upon a time....... hehehe... let's start with a word of wisdom from another uncle who lives far far away......
he said :-

" to all parents, to all mamas and papas, to all daddies and mommies.... U can tell ur boy to do whatever u want , BUT u shouldnt tell him which girl he should marry, and what CAR he should buy"

HAhha... no kidding. When I came back from moscow, me n my parent went to the mall and we saw this car on display. Yes, this new nissan - also known as the nissan bluebird in japan. My mama was so in love with this car she recommend me to buy this car! No kidding. Sorry Mama.. I love u so much.. but I must be crazy to be cought driving in this car :P This a real big time uncle/grandpa car. Yes, I know nissan is the one who made the skyline and the highly rated new GTR... but , as a young fine gentleman - I have to say NO to sylphy. I saw a lot of uncles and grandads driving this car nowdays. I'm not in the category yet!

Sorry mama :P hehehe... I'll do whatever that please u as long as it's not about cars :) lalallalaa...

I remember, 7 years ago - after the SPM , I got the fully sponsored PETRONAS scholarship to do engineering and my dad asked me not to take it , I politely obbeyed my father request. In a lot of cases , PARENTS know BEST. In a few cases - the boy has to do what a boy has to do.

Monday, September 22, 2008

and my ex wife said....

here is a msg from my ex wife .....


CJ: Dearest Hannan, being a pimp is your part-time job now? LOL

me: Dearest Chin Joo, if there is any job as noble as being a doctor - it's being a pimp :)

my and my ex wife in moscow. We were divorced coz she said I was way too HOT to handle! cant blame u dear. However, regardless of everything - we are very good frens. Do visit her blog at . And yes, she'll be a dermatologist soon enuf. I'm proud of u my dear ex wife :)

BIG P/S - Since there are quite a few new readers here who didnt know about CJ - she WASNT really my ex wife. The ex wife is just a nickname for her. The truth is , she's like a sister :) and a good fren of shida. So, hope we are clear on that :) Me n CJ were never married !!!

Happy face

In case u cant read the green writing in the photo above , I do refer TOMEI as LADIES best fren but men biggest enemy :) Tu gambar beta tengah melantak donut big apple kat tesco kota bharu. Sape2 suke lepak BIG apple - jom layan!

Anyway, first I would like to wish our beloved Dr Zafira - happy Friendster-ing. U should thank me for all the msgs! hehehe...

So, who's next? According to my list - the next bachelor would be Dr Fariz. In his case - u could just visit his blog at . He's single and he's a specialist doctor. What else could u ask for rite? So , ladies- go for it. Jangan malu-malu :) Suke jer aku ni ek :P
This is what happened when u r to free doing nothing at home!

The Bambino Section

Dear readers , introducing Doctor Zafira :)
( Sorry to dissapoint Shida, she's not ur "madu" !)

Well, occay... where do I start. Erm, since I have a lot of frens who are still looking for a lifetime partner, I decided to make a special section for them. Ala... yg macam ruangan berkenalan kat majalah bambino zaman dulu tu la. That day I started with Dr Yusran, he received quite a hit from my dear readers! Well done ladies! I'm proud of u! Maybe becoz there are more ladies reading this blog rather than men. Hence, by helping out my dear frens , I could also know how many men's readers in my blog.

So, let's continue with Dr Zafira story. She's currently looking for the right guy in her life. Yup, the one and only... u know, that kind " till death do us apart" guy. She's a doctor which explain why she's too busy to find one by herself and "takkan la perigi nak cari timba kan". Hence in this case I become the " tali " .

So, what are the specs she's looking at...
1) beriman ...
2) Someone who will love her for what she is..
3) lelaki sejati ...

so, yeah... as simple as abc. This is not a prank for whatsover. This one is for real. If u fit into this category, U could contact her at her friendster accout. U could find more info about her there. So, gents :) jangan malu-malu yer!

Anyway, this is a start :) Sape2 nak mencari jodoh - guys or girls... u could send ur photos and profiles to my email. There's no need to be shy or what so ever! In this real world , IF U DONT STRIVE FOR IT - JADI ANDARTU la hang... regardless how pretty or rich u are ! ( just a small reminder for me also :P )Insya Allah.. semoga jumpe jodoh korang kat dunia maya ni :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Adakah korang kenal makhluk berwarna kelabu di dalam gambar di atas itu? Yang kuning2 itu ialah kulit kite. This photo is taken under the microscopic lens. The real parasite is very small. Yer tuan-tuan, inilah die parasit bernama Sarcoptes Scabiei yang menyebabkan penyakit scabies itu. Dalam bahasa melayu, parasit ini dinamakan Hama.
Scabies ni, dalam bahasa mudah ialah penyakit gatal2 yang disebabkan oleh parasit scabies itu. Scabies akan masuk dalam kulit manusia dan bertelur dalam kulit manusia. Tatkala scabies hendak masuk dalam kulit, die akan membuat process mengorek kulit yang dasyat - mase tu la kite akan rasa gatal yang amat. Biasanya scabies akan mengorek diwaktu malam, sbb tu orang ade scabies ni gatal pada waktu malam. Oleh yang demikian, orang-orang tua melayu menamakan penyakit ini sebagai kudis buta.

Bagaimana parasit ini merebak? A simple touch could cause an infection. Yer, dengan hanya menyentuh sahaja. Biasanya scabies ini amat popular di asrama2. Mudah berjangkit melalui perkongsian tuala , pakaian dan perkongsian tempat tido. Sape tido ngan orang ade scabies, mmg kompem dpt jangkitan. X tipu.

So, kalau agak2 ade scabies ni, pergilah mendapatkan rawatan dengan segera. Kalau malu nak jumpe doctor, beli la ubat kat farmasi. Tapi xper, xyah malu nak jumpe doctor :) Kitorang dah biasa dah :)

The meds need to be taken in case of scabies infection :- first skali kene la ambik anti parasite for ex -cream/lotion Permethrin or Lindane. Either one . Then u could use the KMO4 to clean up the infected are. KMO4 tu Kalium permanganat.
Lepas ambik 2 ubat ni, insya Allah tamat la serangan scabies tu. Selamat mencuba!


my unscheduled daily life has taken it's toll. I'm sick :P . For the past few days, my sleeping times had been changing a lot - which resulting improper rest and sleeping disorder. Which eventually lead to my current health condition - feverish !

Well , who said "resting" at home isnt harmful at all :P

Whatever it is - I hope it wont be long and I'll be kicking around again before hari raya. I just cant wait for this raya :) One more week babeh... 6 years waiting and finally, I'm home. But unfortunately for the kids " uncle han x keje lagi, x duit nak kasi duit raya , next year ek? "

Yesterday I went out for bukak puasa with my schoolmates at faris petra. Not everyone , just a small group. Some of them I never seen for ages! Some are familiar faces.

Talking about "biskut raya". So far I made around 6 types already. Yea, I've been making biskut raya in every morning for the past 2 days. Very tiring I have to admit. Maybe this is one of the factor which lead to my feverish condition. Yeah, I know - I whine a lot. Demam skit pon dah nak kecoh kan :P, but who cares, it's my bloody blog. I'll write what I want :P

Saturday, September 20, 2008


a few ppl asked me , does my blog name xhansx has anything to do with the med XANAX. The answer is no and I dont have any anxiety disorder. Well, I could be over excited but in a good way :P

So, what the heck is XANAX actually?

Xanax is a tranquilizer drug from the group benzodiazepime. Ala.. ni lebih kurang sejenis ubat tido la. Prescribe for ppl with anxiety disorder, panic attack and depression. Sape2 yg jenis ade masalah berikut... silalah ambik ubat ni, but u need ur doctor to prescribe this med for u. U cant simply take it.
REMINDER - gatal/miang tidak termasuk dlm golongan anxiety disorder :P

But then , like other tranquilizer pills, this med has a lot of side effect. Antaranya ialah :- pening2, mamai, hallucination, letih2, hilang selera makan, bole buat hilang ingatan kejap dan lain2 yang seangkatan nya.

So, agak2 ade problem depression ke, anxiety disorder ka... sebelum jumpe doctor , bawak2 la baca al quran ka, solat sunat ke. Ni semua masalah mental, kene treat secara rohani dulu. Then kalau x jadi , jumpe la doc. Ade la kot wayar putus kat mane2 :P

Friday, September 19, 2008

story of my life

Yesterday I drove back miss VLV to my grandmom house ( my dad's mom) , she lives somewhere in the village with my untie. My untie is the youngest in the family , so she decided to stay with my grandma. My grandpa passed away about 20 years ago. Well, the house located somewhere in the village which u wont be able to navigate using the latest GPS :) No Kidding. I tried mine and the GPS said that I was somewhere in the forest.
My dad is "orang kampung" and so am I. I have nothing to be shame of being a kampung boy. My dad grew up in a very poor family. Lots of siblings , small house and limited education. Nonetheless, my dad managed to crawl his way out of the village and considering where he came from and what he is today - there's a lot of thing he could be proud of :) Not all my uncles and unties managed to do what my dad did. He's considered as the most successful in the family. So, everytime I came back to the village - it's pretty much a wake up call for me to strive harder in my life. My dad took a big step in his life. I believe I could do the same. What I achived now isnt half as much as what my dad did. I still a long way to go.

MORAL of the story ---> si hannan ni budak kampung asalnya... gaya jer lebih. Asal2 dari bendang jugak! :P . Just kidding, but it's true thou. The moral is - ermmm.. mmm.. ape ek... lu pikir la sendiri :)


look carefully in the photo above. I captured it a couples days ago. Look at the sign saying "sudoh slaluh". IN kelantanese slang, "slaluh" or "selalu" means - quickly or instantly. It doesnt mean "often" as in normal malay language. A lot of my fren who came to kelantan came across this word and it does sound pretty confusing to them. So, the sign above means - instantly done.

Anyway, today as usual - during bukak puasa. My youngest brother was missing at the dining table. He stays in the hostel during weekdays but always comes back home on weekends. Today, he went out to bukak puasa with his frens.

Mama : aii... kecik2 dah pandai bukak puasa ngan geng2..
Me : let him be la...
Mama : Pergi bukak puasa kat KFC, ni balik nanti sure cari nasi jugak...
Me : let him be la..
Papa : Ni mesti bukak puasa ngan girlfren ni... nak kene pergi intai ni
Me : let him be la...
Mama : Iskh... pukul brapa baru nak balik ni.. dah nak dekat isya x balik2 lagi... sembahyang magrib kat mane la budak tu..
Me : let him be la... pandai2 la die...

hehehe... I wonder what my mama n papa said when I wasnt home for bukak puasa and came back home late in the morning... :P

the story of men

Dear MsB - Touche'

Daaaa.. it takes two to play this dangerous game :P

Occay, I have a little story of words of wisdom for all the ladies out there. Something to think about over the weekend :)

a long long time ago , a very wise man once old ( bukan saya, atok sape ntah ) - God bestowed men with a talent. But this talent never been appreciated by the women. Men have been given the talent of "not telling the truth" a.k.a being a liar. BUT, whenever a man lies - he lies in the name of love :).

Moral pada hari jumaat yang mulia ini. sayangilah kaum adam yg comel ini yer :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

meet the doctor!

The other day when I mentioned about my craving for KFC , I just couldnt resist it and I went to bukak puasa at KFC with my good fren Dr Yusran. He's currently working at HKB, just started working a few months ago. He was my senior at faris petra ( he's a year older ) - currently still single and looking for "the right lady" to come along. I told him, should he needs any help in that particular department , please contact me. Always be there to help out a brother!

Well, he's pretty much my role model now. I learned a lot from him. He gave me some heads up on what to expect during my h/o. Hopefully I'll get posted in the same ward as he is. That would make my life waaaaaaaayyyy a lot easier. One thing he always reminds me about is - ENJOY URSELVES TO THE FULLEST BEFORE U START WORKING. Well, I guess - I have to take his words on this matter. He went thru it, sure he knew what's the best. So, from now ON - I'll just enjoy the rest of my holiday as much as I could.

Happy Friday everyone - hari ni beta nak start buat biskut raya... nantikan! hehehehe.. :P

Comment of the day

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Kak fatin!

Mummy Hanny said...
yup. lancer is the right choice for you. muda lagi kan...civic tu utk org dah beranak (pinak) jer. heheminyak tu biase la kan..kalo taknak spend for fuel, takyah la pakai kete dulu. tul tak?

heheh.. hadiahnya, dpt kad raya- nanti kasi address occay!

a fren came to me and ask for my advice on how to talk to women. Well, I told him - I might not be the best person to tell him what to do coz I dont have much experience dealing with the ladies :P . But since he insisted. I told him this :-

" always be honest when u are talking to women , but do lie when it is neccesary"

Why Lancer GT?

Many asked why I choosed lancer GT instead of the famous honda civic. Yes, it's true that Honda civic is a better car, I agree with that. Engine wise, honda i-vtec is better than mitsubishi mi-vec. The price of these 2 cars are slightly the same. The same cc and honda is more prestigeous.. so called. And yet, I choosed Mitsubishi Lancer? WHY?

Well, as a metaphor - honda civic is a HP PDA phone. It has everything , all the function and very user friendly. While, the lancer is an iphone :) Simple right.. heheh...

Plus, there are too many honda civic out there on the roads nowdays. Ur mom drives honda civic, ur unties drive civic, ur grandmom drives civic - well.. it's a family car, no doubt.

I just want to have something different, I just want something more edgy, yeah... something that represent me :P -hence I reckon lancer is the best choice for me

But, honestly, I admit civic is a better car overall. But, if u want to be difference... drive lancer :P

The other day, Moralle asked me about this baby fuel consumption. Well, not something to be proud of actually. But, just for everyone info. IF U WANT TO BE VERY ECONOMY ON FUEL, DONT BUY LANCER. Yes, u heard me. Buy vios or honda city, or myvi... hehehhee...
But, suprisingly - for long journey , the fuel consumption is quite reasonable - about 7.0 L for 100KM. But in the heavy traffic in the city, it will go up until 20L for 100km. U do the math :)

the letters

Lately I became very famous among the postmasters. Yes, everyday I got letters from.... well.. basically everyone. Celcom for my phone and internet, the bank, the MMC ...and the best one- is the "kad raya". Well, I dont mind all these letter - jangan sampai saman ekor speeding dah lor!

The first kad raya I received is from EJ! thanks. Kalau Ej kata tulisan beta cantek, beta pon nak puji tulisan EJ jugak la kan, tulisan EJ tu ala2 tulisan KHAt sket. Ade art la. EJ oi, x yah la bukak company kontraktor sendiri , bukak kedai lukisan la ek :P -- just kidding!

Pejam celik, dah nak raya dah kite ni kan? Today is 18th ramadhan - technically, raya is about 10 days away. So everyone must be very busy with the preparation including me....

mama - biler nak start buat biskut raya ni...
me - anytime , always ready ni! No problem!
mama - yer la tu...


mama - esok kite start buat biskut raya ek?
me - adei... mama, esok x bole la.. ade technical problem sket? masalah dunia ni... eh, actually masalah alam semesta!
mama - huh? what happened?
me - hehehe... man utd lwn villareal pukul 3 pagi...
mama - dah agak dah..
me - nanti ngantuk ....xle nak concentrate :P
mama - yer la.. start jumaat.
me - boleee... no problem!

ampes punye anak

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lu pikir la sendiri :)

guest: satu jwpn yg lain...,mereka tengok tempat dr tu grade..kalau singapore U, ohhh memang terror lah...:) u pulak grade dari mana

Hannan: Guest - is SINGAPORE the only country which could produce Good doctors? Owh... no wonder ppl is dying everywhere but in singapore.. that explain a lot.. thanks!!!

Latifah: I'm from S'pore and my opinion abt doctors - doesn't matter where u graduate. S'pore doctors are human beings as well. There are hiccups too. It all depends on individual's skills and experiences.

guest: dont get me wrong la...singapore U susah nak masuk n lulus...kenapa oyr G ada blaklist sesetengah medic U, so the kualiti student produk U a doc u tau kan singapore tu maju dlm kanser tretmn

guest: dont get me wrong la...singapore U susah nak masuk n lulus...kenapa oyr G ada blaklist sesetengah medic U, so the kualiti student produk U a doc u tau kan singapore tu maju dlm kanser tretmn

guest: ialah chinese buat medic bukan kerana kuota..bukan matrik..tapi tengok la result STPM diorang berapa A in sains...ok

anonymous: erk..good dr akan tetap jd good dr x kisah la bangsa ape,grad dari mane etc2.. semoga cepat sembuh guest!

Latifah: Guest - thks for info sharing. It is healthy to voice one's opinion. Take care dear on ur health. N like 'Anon' mentioned gd doc will always b gd doc. Cheers

Well - I'm not sure what the "guest" trying to prove here.... but honestly - it does sound a bit "racism" to me. Correct me if I'm wrong. There's no need to bring up the "race" issue here. We have enuf ppl at the parliment to talk about that.

Thanks everyone for ur honest opinion.

SOME INFO FOR the "GUEST "- other readers, please dont read this... u could skip this very next paragraph...

Dear "guest"
Thanks for reading my blog. FYI - I graduated from Russian State Medical University. One of the biggest uni in Russia. The MEDICAL degree from my uni is recognized by 60 countries ( maybe not by SINGAPORE and Papua New Guinea - which I couldnt care less ) I'm a JPA scholar - meaning , the Malaysian government sent me to moscow to study medicine - meaning I kicked ass in my SPM exam. I was freakin' good in both academic and co-curricular activities in school and I earned the bloody scholarship! I'm not sure what's ur problem with Malay doctors or malay in general - but in the end of the day , there will be a time when a malay or malay doctor is ur last resort to save u or ur family member. We live in a multiracial country , we need each other and we must respect each other sensitivity! Thank you :)

p/s - for crying out loud- at least put ur name and contact when u r commenting on other ppl blog :) , hence I could skip writing the paragraph above!

Finally! My GoodNESS!

Latifah said...
Well Nan, it's not easy to please everybody. Nevertheless, like you mentioned earlier, EPO is just a supplement, so kira mcm vitamins and minerals jugak ler (mcm makanan sampingan atau tambahan kiranya). So it's up to our body to indicate any signs or symptoms of rejection after taking such supplement. If there is side effect then stop taking, if not and showing good improvement to your health then go ahead. Let our body tell us what is essential for us....betul tak? Correct me if I'm wrong...hehe
Sep 17, 2008 4:49:00 AM

God Goodness!!!!
Someone do understand what was I been trying to tell everyone :) I thought I've been writing my previous entries in russians and no one would understand it.
Thank You kak latifah - nanti kasi address, nak kasi kad raya nak ucap thank you ek :)

Evening Primrose - the final episode

Well - this topic become so popular among the ladies reader. I received a lot of feedback about my recent entries about EPO. Look like I have to do a bit of explaination here :)

1) I didnt say that EPO doesnt work - it's just HAS NOT been proven scientifically 100% :)
2) EPO is a supplement, not a medical medicine. It's not approved by the US FDA yet.
3) EPO might be EFFECTIVE for certain people and might caused side effect to other. The rest might just get nothing from it.

So, I hope everyone is clear about this matter. Thank you very much for reading!

JUST remember, PLEASE consult ur doctors before start taking any medicine. It's so happened that doctors do know a bit about medical stuff and medicine :P

P/S - according to researches if u are sexually active , ur menstrual period should be normal and on time :) Cant argue with this one can u? :P -

well of course - unless u are pregnant :P

VLV diary....

Every morning as I walk into the garage - I thank Allah for giving me this red lady! Sometimes - I still cant believe that I'm the owner of this beautiful girl. Call me crazy but she's a part of me now ( no offence to shida of course :P) - just to show how a man loves his car. Well, like it or not - she gonna drained my pocket for the rest of my life! That's the price I'm paying!!!So, this morning - as usual as I start her up - she greeted me. WELCOME. She asked how I felt today, how was puasa so far, where are we going today... u know.. all those stuff :P

Then I asked her how she's doing today. She said not too well.. LOR... period rupenya.. patut la... rupenya dah sampai 1K milage :) Patut la.. That day I drove this car to Kuala terengganu - which explain the milage :P

So, I took her to the gynae :P hehehe.. bawak pergi service center la. Kete ni nak kene service gune komputer. Adei, mcm main game la pulak kan. Tekan sana , tekan sini - dah siap periodic inspection.

Semua occay, tambah yg mana x cukup... well, thanks to the free service and maintance for 3 years. Save a lot of money!