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Sunday, September 21, 2008


my unscheduled daily life has taken it's toll. I'm sick :P . For the past few days, my sleeping times had been changing a lot - which resulting improper rest and sleeping disorder. Which eventually lead to my current health condition - feverish !

Well , who said "resting" at home isnt harmful at all :P

Whatever it is - I hope it wont be long and I'll be kicking around again before hari raya. I just cant wait for this raya :) One more week babeh... 6 years waiting and finally, I'm home. But unfortunately for the kids " uncle han x keje lagi, x duit nak kasi duit raya , next year ek? "

Yesterday I went out for bukak puasa with my schoolmates at faris petra. Not everyone , just a small group. Some of them I never seen for ages! Some are familiar faces.

Talking about "biskut raya". So far I made around 6 types already. Yea, I've been making biskut raya in every morning for the past 2 days. Very tiring I have to admit. Maybe this is one of the factor which lead to my feverish condition. Yeah, I know - I whine a lot. Demam skit pon dah nak kecoh kan :P, but who cares, it's my bloody blog. I'll write what I want :P


vagg. said...

get well son, bro.
u should call it DEMEYY KUE GHAYO! hiks

W1 said...

can offer to send ur cookies to russiya?

kambingx said...

askum doc,
err, budak faris ek? batch mano? ;p

mummysyafie said...

serius ke buat biskut ni..macam tak cayer je..hihih..meh pos gak kat sini, nak rasa