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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

the evo story

As me and my dad had nothing to do , we decided to take a look at the new lancer evolution at the showroom. Me and my dad love cars a lot! So, whatever has to do with cars, we are very happy to be there.

So, at the mitsubishi showroom , the latest evolution just arrived a few days ago. I happened to know a few ppl who works at the lancer office so I'm no stranger at the showroom. As we were looking around the new evo , one of the salesman came to us :-

Salesman : Yes Boss, this is the new mitsubishi evolution! Just arrived a few days ago.
My Papa : OooOooo.. looks awesome, but pretty much the same as the lancer.
Salesman : Not really, this is the "monster" +"rally" version of the lancer...
My Papa : is that so..
Salesman : Yup, indeed! this one is more powerful and prettier!
My Papa : Yup , I can see that! Interesting... so how much is this one?
Salesman : Well, the current OTR price is RM323,888.
My Papa : OOooooOo......
Salesman : just a few thousand more expensive than the previous evo.
My Papa : might as well get the new E class...
Salesman : owh... u want a merc? let's go to the next showroom... we have merc as well...

Me : Yes papa... I know we can act like rich people , but let's not get over excited here ... we both know we dont have that much money!!!!

my papa in the new evolution!
the new evolution....


Ms B said...

HUh??? Cars are that expensive back there? Over here, a beemer is not even half of my annual salary. Even my secretary owns a mini cooper!

Luckily u didnt upload food pics unlike most blogs. Otherwise, I'd be salivating. *LOL*

moralle said...

ooo Lancer, gd car, mine is a Lancer to but not the new evolution :)