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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Evening Primrose - the final episode

Well - this topic become so popular among the ladies reader. I received a lot of feedback about my recent entries about EPO. Look like I have to do a bit of explaination here :)

1) I didnt say that EPO doesnt work - it's just HAS NOT been proven scientifically 100% :)
2) EPO is a supplement, not a medical medicine. It's not approved by the US FDA yet.
3) EPO might be EFFECTIVE for certain people and might caused side effect to other. The rest might just get nothing from it.

So, I hope everyone is clear about this matter. Thank you very much for reading!

JUST remember, PLEASE consult ur doctors before start taking any medicine. It's so happened that doctors do know a bit about medical stuff and medicine :P

P/S - according to researches if u are sexually active , ur menstrual period should be normal and on time :) Cant argue with this one can u? :P -

well of course - unless u are pregnant :P


Latifah said...

Well Nan, it's not easy to please everybody. Nevertheless, like you mentioned earlier, EPO is just a supplement, so kira mcm vitamins and minerals jugak ler (mcm makanan sampingan atau tambahan kiranya). So it's up to our body to indicate any signs or symptoms of rejection after taking such supplement. If there is side effect then stop taking, if not and showing good improvement to your health then go ahead. Let our body tell us what is essential for us....betul tak? Correct me if I'm wrong...hehe

Hannan said...

:) finaaaaalllY!

juelee said...

Saya makan jugak EPO nie.. Think ok kot hehehe..
Nice blog, veru useful especially on the medication.. Yela kater doctorer kan..