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Thursday, September 25, 2008

lookin right back

" People get what they get, it has nothing to do with what they deserved! "

Just to tell you how cruel the world is. Doesnt mean u deserved something then u'll get it. Someone else who deserved nothing might end up with everything. Hence, be grateful of what u had and what u'll get. Sometimes - u just better off - staying near the bird rather than hoping that u'll grow ur own wings and fly...... But some ppl, have their own airplane. Life is never fair. Deal with it...

Just a little reminder for myself... :)

I'm bored !


fealize_eleanoer said...


ur face looks alike Dr "Angkasawan"
kite... :)

my 1st time dropping by..

***i'm trying to kill the time...cptla kol 5..boring nye...

Chika Chika said...

life is never fair.
sebab itu kita pon tidak boleh fair selalu dan sebab itu jugaklah kita kena selfish jugak (ehhe. alasan )