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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Since my job as a pimp, has raised quite a few eyebrows - I'll just write about medical again. But , no worry -I'll be back with my bambino section. Definitely!!! HEhehe.. there are a lot of my frens out there, looking for mr and miss right , or mr or miss left. Whatever!
Guess who's next on my pimping list... :) Dr jugak rasenya... :p, x gitu Dr aina?
Occay, let's learn something beneficial today. In the photo above is the foot of a kid with a congenital deformation known as the ECTRODACTYLY or also known as the lobster claw syndrome. Kalau tengok betul2, jari2 tu x cukup, dan nampak macam tangan lobster tu.
I was watching the National geographic channel the other day and they were showing the documentary called TABOO -which they talked about ppl with this kind of syndrome. According to them , this rare cases happened to 1 in 90,000 newly borned babies. Which means, there are quite a numbers of ppl with this syndrome out there.

Since it's a congenital deformity, nothing much u could do about it. There is no definite cause of this disease. It's also said to be inherited. Should someone in the family has this deformity , well... the offspring might have the same condition. However , with the current technology in reconstructive surgery , the surgeons are able to fix this deformity.

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